Summary of programmers. Part 2 (good)

    I fully received p *** th for the first post . It's time to write a sequel! So what do I need from a developer’s resume?

    All below in order of priority.

    The code

    I want to see a code that you are proud of . I want to know how you name the variables, how to decompose the system, how to check the input conditions and how much you like to complicate things. It is very desirable if there is a description of the problem, otherwise understanding the code and solution is difficult.

    If you have an account on GitHub - great. If not, the zip archive will do (do not use rar for this purpose, please). If you have everything under the NDA - well then, anything can happen, in this case we can do without code.

    Blog, articles, books

    If you have a blog, include a link to it. If you have articles on any subject, include links to them in your resume. It is very interesting to see how a person expresses his thoughts on paper . If you wrote a book, include a link to it in the resume.

    Your interests, books and resources

    I want to know what you read, how you deepen knowledge in your craft . If you have an account on Shelfari or another similar resource - excellent ( I have one ). No, then I would like to see several books on the list that have had a great influence on you. Well, for example, SICP or Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, or something else.

    At least so (it can be shorter):

    Such a list immediately makes it clear what a person is interested in. This helps to better prepare for the conversation, ask more interesting and deep questions. If you do not read books, well, then everything happens. But I, perhaps, with caution will look at you at the first acquaintance. And I will be extremely interested to know how you are developing. Maybe at your leisure you study the code of open source projects. Or immersed in fresh preprints at .

    In extreme cases, something like this description will do:


    No repetition, no need to describe in detail all the projects where you have worked for the past 10 years. It is not necessary in each project to repeat the entire list of technologies and an even more identical set of responsibilities. Describe only the most interesting projects for you and tell us why they were interesting for you, what problems you solved there (at a high level).

    Your desire to emphasize your own importance with the volume of the resume does not work. I understand that writing a 4-page resume is easier than one.


    Skills tables do not interest me. But here is a simple list of technologies where you are an expert - quite. It takes up little space and helps to understand what it makes sense to ask a person about and what not.

    Here is a list of quite a test, well, a little could be reduced:

    Battle way

    I wonder where you studied and when. I wonder what companies you worked for and how often you changed jobs. If a person changes jobs every 6 months, this will alarm me (if there are no clear explanations of the reasons). If the change occurs every year, then this is within the normal range. If a person spent 5+ years in one place (which, it must be said, is a rarity), you need to take a closer look at his horizons (it may happen that for 5 years there was little varied work, which is not particularly good, although it all depends on the context).


    By and large, I do not care what font will be in the resume and which dashes in the sentences. I understand perfectly well that programmers are not always close to aesthetics, that they are unlikely to read books on typography and design. It is important for me that the resume will be either:

    a) available online via the link (and there is also a link to the PDF version somewhere).
    b) sent in PDF format.

    Ease of design is welcome.


    An ideal resume is 1-2 pages of information written in human language for other people. It is very important for me to see in the resume a person , not a robot with stitched skills. Help me do this.

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