How to measure the speed of the Internet channel and stop looking like a fool in the eyes of your provider


    I apologize, boiling. We are Sochi provider Business Communication , since 2002 we have been providing customers with access to the wonderful world of the Internet. Our unofficial slogan type is “Normal Telecom Operator”. And we are responsible for our words - the quality of the Internet is higher than the market average, we do our work well, competently and honestly, we don’t trust anyone. For example, we have Internet rates at speeds of 200 and 300 megabits per second. We monitor parameters throughout the network, which is designed and built with the need for continuous monitoring of each of the segments. There are no overloads, channels are free, everything is upgraded for several years ahead. In general, we are 200% sure that customers receive this speed. But on our heads now and then pour a bucket of tar with feathers.

    But this is already the beginning of a fairy tale, and first let's give an addendum - how we lived to see it.

    From 2002 to 2014, we worked exclusively in the corporate market, where customers are mostly adequate. Even the worst option, the invited admin boy, knows where to look for a network card in a computer, what a router is, and how to enter the Internet browser settings.

    And from 2014 they began to work with individuals - and it started ...

    Going to enter the communications market for individuals, we, as we could, set out to communicate with ordinary people who are not technically savvy and are not psychologically stable.

    But reality upset us more than we were ready. During the 4 years of working with individuals, we faced so much anger that we had to reconsider our ways of interacting with clients.


    Again! Technically, customers blame us for nothing. If, according to the contract, people are promised 200-300 Mbit / s, they receive exactly that amount.

    But all this, unfortunately, does not save from sporadic complaints about low speed. We even formed a special “fixes” brigade: we leave for calls with a laptop, measure the speed, check it with the one stated in the contract, deal with the real “cause of blockage”.


    And from time to time “fixes” bring us exciting stories about people, about animals and about their cruel treatment of cables.

    One client cut an optical cable and plugged it into an RJ-45 outlet. The second one installed a Wi-Fi router in the basement of a private house and complained about the low speed in the bedroom on the third floor. The third kept chickens at home, such as pets, and therefore his GPON terminal was covered in chicken droppings. The fourth antenna of the router was bitten by his dogs: didn’t he feed them or something while he was hanging out in the internet?


    And this is only a small part of episodes of the epic reality show bordering on surrealism.
    A separate paragraph - about hotel owners who buy the Internet at the cheapest rate for private homes when connected via GPON, that is, 40 Mbit / s for 350 rubles per month, distribute it to their guests and are surprised that the speed of "shot sags!". Guests can be 10-20 rooms, and, of course, in the evenings, when everyone returns to the room and sit down to watch a movie online or download, the speed drops. At the same time, hotel owners believe that if all of this is designed as an Internet for a private house, then they have the right, and we are “out of them all”.

    Well, on our team of “fixes” the subscribers have their own team - “White Guards”. These are the most "advanced" "fighters with the system" who write "true" reviews in otzoviki and social networks, and expect that the company will come running to them with gifts and bonuses, persuading them to remove written. We don’t even always see these reviews, but the caring hands of subscribers themselves bring them in and say: look, here I’ve written there, now everyone will know about you, see WHAT THE NOW SPEED YOU WILL GIVE me. Haha * sinister laughter *


    In general, we have been a bit tired for such injustices and imperfections of the world for many years of work and have made our casino with blackjack and whoreseducational video with Gavrilov and comics. Of course, we are not as naive as we used to be, and we do not expect that everyone will become smarter and stop making their provider’s brains. But, perhaps, some conscious users with an inquisitive mind, watch the video, make the right conclusions and stop creating problems for themselves with access to the Internet.

    Once again we want to note that the provider "Business Communication"from the city of Sochi is very fond of all its customers, including individuals. These are very good people, they also love us mostly, they have excellent financial performance and growth dynamics, as well as minimal outflow. There are just a lot of them, there are more of them than legal entities, and, accordingly, among them there are more scandalous characters with Facebook / Instagram at the ready. However, without paying attention to such “demolitions”, we continue to do our work honestly and well, to carry technical literacy to the conscious masses of the population. Including with the help of such training videos.

    We look.

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