Quiet and quiet - FreeBSD 8.4 Release

    Besides bug fixes, there are quite a few changes . Of the most interesting, it should be noted:

    • Updating the ZFS and geom subsystem towards asynchronous operation and using TRIM on SSD
    • The ipfw syntax has been expanded, which now allows the use of interface names, IPv6 addresses, port numbers and jail IDs in tables
    • ng_netflow is now able to export NetFlow data of the 9th version, using the export9 hook, it is also possible to export data simultaneously in the 5th and 9th versions of NetFlow.
    • Improved balancing in the sched_ule scheduler, which on systems with SMT (Symmetric MultiThreading) or HyperThreading (as it is called on Intel processors), shows an increase in performance up to 10-15%.

    Also updated a set of third-party software from the base environment:
    • AWK 20121220.
    • ISC BIND 9.8.4-P2.
    • BZIP2 1.0.6.
    • TENEX C shell (tcsh) 6.18.01.
    • LESS (less) v451.
    • libexpat 2.1.0.
    • netcat is part of OpenBSD 5.2.
    • OpenSSH 6.1.
    • OpenSSL 0.9.8y.
    • sendmail 8.14.7.
    • The timezone tzdata2012j
    • XZ 5.0.4.

    Release notes for the curious.
    And ISO is already available .

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