Nintendo wants to monetize amateur video on YouTube

    According to Nintendo, if an amateur video was published on YouTube with the passage of her game, then Nintendo should receive revenue from contextual advertising in this video.

    One user, Zack Scott , complained that Nintendo’s claims that the Content ID matches the Nintendo’s Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon were posted. This means that the copyright holder has recognized the content that belongs to him and wants to transfer to his address all the advertising revenue that was received when this video was shown.

    The gamer strongly disagrees with this statement of the question. He is convinced that each passing game is unique. This is the difference between computer games and movies or TV shows. “If I watch a movie that is being watched by another person, then I no longer need to watch it. If I watch another person play the game, I want to play it myself! ”Says Zack Scott.

    The gamer believes that the audience of his channel on YouTube watches videos with the passage of games for several reasons: for the sake of the author’s commentary and review of the game, for studying the game and passing through certain parts, and just for the pleasure of observing the author at certain game moments. Zach Scott has already published the passage of many games, and never before have he received such claims with the requirement to select advertising revenue.

    As it turned out, Zach Scott is not the only one affected by the actions of Nintendo, and this is not a YouTube algorithm error, as it sometimes happens, but the result of a targeted company policy.

    Nintendo sent an official comment to the Game Front game publication : “To ensure that Nintendo content is posted on social media in a correct and secure manner, we registered as a YouTube partner, and in February 2013, we registered our copyrighted content in the YouTube database. For most amateur videos, this does not mean any changes, but for videos with Nintendo-owned content, such as images and audio of a certain duration, ads will now appear at the beginning, middle or end of the video. ”

    Nintendo emphasizes that it would like to encourage gamers to publish videos - therefore, "unlike other companies," it does not require blocking materials with its intellectual property.

    Apparently, the practice of monetizing amateur videos may become standard on YouTube. The commentary to the story about Nintendo games known developer Notch wrote on Twitter that they had a meeting with representatives of the YouTube, and they offered to get part of the advertising revenue from all videos from Minecraft. “It was alluring,” Notch admits.

    It seems that YouTube is the initiator of such actions - and offers a partnership agreement to various gaming studios. Apparently, they really have legitimate reasons for this.. It seems that each game developer has the right to establish rules for publishing works using the content that belongs to him, including the right to block amateur videos from playing his games. However, many developers are more loyal to this than Nintendo. For example, a legal FAQ from Blizzard indicates that the company allows its products to be used commercially for affiliate programs on YouTube,,, and

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