NetXMS Monitoring System

    NetXMS 1.2.7 Network Monitoring System Released . GPLv2 licensed.

    Major changes in this version:
    • Improved network discovery
    • driver for Symbol / Motorola WS series switches;
    • software inventory (currently only GNU / Debian and Windows);
    • support for WiFi switches;
    • numerous improvements to the web interface and the system as a whole.

    See the full list of changes here .

    The system has quite interesting features:
    • monitoring the status of network devices;
    • monitoring software running on servers;
    • collection of statistics on the operation of network devices;
    • collecting statistics on server performance;
    • automatic discovery of new hosts;
    • Email alerts mail and sms.

    And the list does not end there. The system also has a modular architecture and makes it easy to expand functionality.

    See the project

    website for a complete list of features and features: project website
    more screenshots

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