In-app purchases - some statistics

    Statistics is a very good and necessary tool. Especially when it comes to money. She will never be superfluous since Proper analysis and application can help you save, earn, or optimize your costs or income.
    In this post, I would like to share the collected data on In-App purchases in one of my games that will be useful to you if you are developing and / or promoting games for iOS, although I think that these figures can be easily applied to other platforms, such as Android.

    For obvious reasons, I do not publish a link to the game itself; if you wish, you can find it without any problems. In any case, this data is not very dependent on the game, because show the relative purchasing power of the country rather than the specific amount of money earned. So there will be no exact numbers, only relative ones.

    In the list of 13 countries, sorted by the number of game downloads, they are arranged in descending order, i.e. the higher the country on the list, the more jumps in the game.
    The number in the second column is the amount of money earned on the In-App / the number of game downloads, i.e. how much brings 1000 installations in a given country. I could not find a suitable name for this figure, eCPM does not fit here, ARPU is also not quite right, so it will remain without a name.

    1. Russia - 1.23
    2. Israel - 0.94
    3. China - 0.10
    4. United States - 6.58
    5. Vietnam - 0.00
    6. France - 4.36
    7. Germany - 2.67
    8. United Kingdom - 4.06
    9. Romania - 1.85
    10. Italy - 0.22
    11. Thailand - 0.00
    12. Spain - 0.97
    13. Japan - 3.91

    Data for the last 3-4 countries may not be entirely accurate, as the number of installations is not too large (2K-5K) which may give a small error.

    Thanks to the hazyrazer Azy who prepared such beautiful pictures with countries sorted by the amount of money brought in: It’s

    also interesting to compare the number of downloads and money by stores in Russia and the USA with respect to positions in these stores.
    The game itself a few days ago was in first place in Russia in the Free categories Games / Racing and Games / Sport with good positions Games and Top Overall.
    In the USA, the best result that has been achieved so far is 35 and 42 in Racing and Sport with 423 in Games and 1205 in Top Overall.
    At the same time, the number of game installations in Russia is 5.4 times more than in the United States with exactly the same amount of money earned (a difference of $ 1) on In-App purchases.

    And a few more numbers on this game collected using the Flurry service:

    The ratio of Active Users / Total Instals: 0.44
    i.e. almost every second started the game more than once.

    There are about 10 sessions per active user.
    Unfortunately, I did not find the display of this parameter in Flurry, so I calculated it approximately.

    The longest median average duration of a game session in Europe and Central America is 121 seconds, the fastest to close the game in Australia, after an average of 93 seconds.

    Also, I built a custom event to work out the code responsible for opening the buns available for in-app purchases. I was very surprised to see the difference of 150 times between real and fake purchases. Of course, I understood that people were breaking purchases, but I did not expect that on such a scale.

    I hope you find these numbers interesting, and maybe even useful.
    Also, if you have running games in the App Store to me, and not only to me, I think it would be very interesting to know your results in the comments.

    All comments on errors and typos, please send in a personal.

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