Minsk EPAM Software Engineering Conference: Make it Real

    On September 22, explosive technological trends and real-world cases presented by EPAM experts, members of technological communities and partners of the company will melt the ice of Chizhovka Arena. More than 3,000 participants and 90 speakers will come together at the 11th traditional EPAM Software Engineering Conference - SEC.

    The largest in the history of EPAM engineering conference in the year of the 25th anniversary of the company will be open to external participants. We're going to Make it REAL in the city where EPAM started and the heart of our largest development center beats.

    As it will be?

    • 3000+ participants
    • 90+ speakers
    • 500 members of expert communities
    • 200+ EPAM partners and customers

    Conference agenda is conditionally divided into 2 parts

    Main agenda:

    Here, the leaders of EPAM, employees of the company, representatives of Google, Bridgewater Associates, Adobe, Thomson Reuters, Canadian Tire, Liberty Global, Chevron, WorkFusion, Renesas and others will reveal the most complex and interesting problems, as well as present projects and practices that will set the tone for the industry. for the next few years.

    Among the speakers are Arkady Dobkin, CEO and President in EPAM, Cassie Kozyrkov, Google Chief Decision Scientist and many others.

    In a word, we will talk about #Real Engineering, #Real Platforms, #Real Intelligence, #Real Experience and how to Make it Real in modern IT.

    Community Agenda:

    2 out of 7 conference streams are given to expert communities. This means that there will be no “walk-through” topics, only content selected by engineers for engineers.

    Reports will be devoted to #RealAgile , #RealBA , #RealData , #RealDevOps , #RealDesign , #RealFrontEnd , #RealJava , #RealRollingScopes , # RealPro.Net , #RealMicrosoft , #RealMobile , #RealQA and #RealRuby

    In addition to the reports, communities will organize Texctions Spots (tech-exhibition spaces) - zones with master classes, themed booths and networking.

    Detailed conference agenda here .

    Date: September 22
    Place: Minsk, Chizhovka Arena, ul. Tashkent 19-2
    Time: 8:00 - 19:00

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