DJI Osmo Mobile 2 - electronic stabilizer for a phone

    If you do not know anything about Osmo, and DJI is more like the name of a fashion DJ for you, then I will briefly tell you everything. For those who are in the subject, the following two paragraphs can be read diagonally or start with the section “Let's figure out what's what.

    The Chinese company DJI is the honored leader of the quadcopter market and one of the most progressive companies in the world. A couple of years ago they released the electronic stabilizer DJI Osmo, a portable camera stabilizer with intelligent features. With it, you can shoot video on the go, and the picture will still be smooth + many nice features for shooting.

    Later, the company expanded the line of stabilizers by adding Osmo +, the camera of which received optical zoom, and without stopping released the first generation DJI Osmo Mobile. In fact, it was an old Osmo pen with a stabilizer for a smartphone. The product in due time "blew up" the market and took a leading position.

    But soon Zhiyun Smooth Q, FeiYu Tech, Lanparte, Swiftcam and others appeared. Competitors were worse in build quality and functionality, but were almost half the price.

    To recapture their positions, DJI released Osmo Mobile 2 .

    We will understand what's what

    Let's start with the look. With the naked eye the body of the new model can not be distinguished from the old Osmo Mobile. But there is an important difference - the material. The new version uses lightweight and high-strength nylon, due to which the weight of the new item has dropped to 485 grams, instead of the previous 501 grams. The difference seems insignificant, but if you take more than an hour, you will feel. Osmo Mobile 2 is called one of the easiest manual stabilizers.

    The new model was released only in a dark gray color, unlike the previous one, where there were black and silver versions. On the one hand, now it’s impossible to match the color of the smartphone, but on the other hand, such a move probably made it possible to simplify the production process and, therefore, reduce the final price.

    Osmo Mobile 2 handle is longer than the handle of the original stabilizer. Therefore, we managed to deliver a more energy-intensive battery. About him and talk.

    How much longer does it work?

    So much so that you want it right now!

    The stabilizer is equipped with a new 2600 mAh LiPo battery and shoots video three times longer than its predecessor - 15 hours! So I hear a happy "fuuuh" from those who at one time decided to wait for the release of a new model and did not fork out for the first Osmo. At the same time, the battery is non-removable. Although it is difficult to call it a disadvantage at this time of work.

    And here is another very important update - Osmo Mobile 2 can be used to charge your smartphone.

    In the case there is a USB connector to which you connect the smartphone and do not worry that it is quickly discharged, and the stabilizer itself is now charging from a regular microUSB cable. Thus, you can always recharge it in the car or from any PowerBank.


    The Osmo Mobile 2 comes with a case of EPP foam plastic and a microUSB cable.

    About shooting modes

    Anyone who is actively creating content for social networks will be happy with such a stabilizer, because to conduct live broadcasts with such a thing is a nice thing.

    If you are not very, but still professional tasks stabilizer can be used with a tripod for a more stable shooting. Moreover, the new version supports the standard tripod socket and you do not need to buy an additional pad adapter.

    Briefly about intelligent modes

    • ActiveTrack . The camera tracks the object selected in the DJI Go app. There are manual and automatic modes.

    • Hyper Lapse. . Allows the operator to navigate with stabilizer during accelerated shooting. This way you can take a whole day off.

    • Motion lapse. Allows you to carry out accelerated shooting on a given path. With this feature, for example, you can shoot a sunrise or sunset by following the movement of the sun.

    • Timelapse. simple accelerated shooting. You install a stabilizer, set the time and it takes a frame by frame, then stitching it into a video clip.

    • Panorama. Osmo Mobile 2 can automatically capture up to nine frames and create a panoramic image.

    • Long Exposure (long exposure). Creates stable images with long exposures. Try to remove the passing cars, getting long traces of lights, a night amusement park - a Ferris wheel or create shots of the sea shore with “milky” water, while you do not need to install a tripod.

    • Slow Motion. High quality timelapse.

    You can install the smartphone in two ways: portrait and landscape. Now it became possible to shoot a stable video for Instagram in a vertical orientation. Yes, yes - vertical video is bad, but since everyone does it anyway - let's do it qualitatively!

    What else did you forget to tell?

    The stabilizer supports low-power Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

    Compatible with mobile devices equipped with external lenses, but there is one “BUT” - when using the iPhone X in vertical mode, the stabilizer motor can get into the frame. To avoid this, it is necessary to raise the stabilizer higher.

    Osmo Mobile 2 can be used with smartphones 58,6-84,8 mm wide and up to 8,4 mm thick. The new stabilizer is also combined with third-party applications. On iOS devices, footage is stored in the DJI Go application, whereas for Android devices, the phone itself or the microSD card is used by default - a typical situation for a pair of iOS and Android.

    Review from Wylsacom:


    At the moment there are a large number of stabilizers for a smartphone, some of which are Moza Mini-Mi (which by the way has wireless charging), Zhiyun Smooth 4 (with adjustable focus), Feiyu Tech Vimble 2 (with integrated monopod). If you are interested in the comparison, write in the comments which models are of interest.

    To sum up, we can say that DJI has released a competitive stabilizer: several times cheaper, three times more powerful and a little easier. If people close to you love to fill in Instagram with photos, stories and videos, the new Osmo Mobile 2 is a useful and inexpensive birthday gift.

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