Figak and figak in production. We released RegionSoft CRM 7.0

    True, the “figak-figak” stage turned out to be stretched and thorough, 2.5 years and a bit. That is, here, rather, we built, built, and finally built - released a large and thoughtful release of RegionSoft CRM 7.0. At about the same time, we are blogging on Habré, mainly on CRM, but it can be different - from the problems of “uneducated” youth to the issues of team management and the development of TK. In general, starting a blog on Habré, we did not hope to change the world, but we wanted to enlighten the audience in terms of CRM systems. At the same time, we laid the 7.0 branch and changed our CRM to create AK-47 reliable and powerful software. Time to sum up the interim results.

    Any developer of RegionSoft Developer Studio a week before the release looked about the same. Only computers and mice are a bit more modern :)

    So, the main news - our team has released a new release of our flagship RegionSoft CRM 7.0 . This is a refined, even faster and more useful software. This is not a web interface with variegated dashboards and all sorts of different live and half-dead tapes - this is a desktop application for companies that value safety, speed of work and functionality. This is not just a “sales program” and not a sales program at all — it is a solution for end-to-end automation: from contact management to warehouse, business processes and multi-site production.
    If you are reluctant to read the following text about the peculiarities of the Russian severe CRM, then here are two magic direct download links:

    Download, read, test, write, call with questions, comments, suggestions, etc.

    Well, who likes to read and debate - go further.

    Why do we continue to write hard about CRM?

    To write on Habr is a difficult and sometimes entertaining affair. Firstly, there are a lot of excellent and productive commentators, secondly, not less than those who went past and decided to spoil the mood, thirdly, publications actively diverge in profile and not-so-great communities where not everyone likes our expertise (and We are written by experienced staff who are responsible for the market) to their liking. The fact is that usually vendors of corporate software prefer to limit themselves to advertising booklets and verified materials - in order to sell, rather than explain.

    We went the other way and set ourselves the task - to write about automation in human language so that it would be understandable not only CTO and CIO, but also the owners of small companies far from the issues of software development and implementation. Not everyone liked it - we raised uncomfortable questions and opened cards that are not taken to touch. This brought its costs: for example, our materials were used to advertise other people's decisions, coaches and consultants adopted texts to promote, again, not ours, but completely different CRMs. It was also pleasant: universities asked to use the materials, and in one of the universities, the entire course of automation and project management was built on the basis of our CRM - and what is especially nice, we did not directly participate in this, the work was carried out independently. Of course, business users were also grateful who chose our or another CRM, but still decided and made their business more modern and efficient. So the goal is achieved.

    Other companies write about numbers and indicators on Habré, on views and ratings. Of course, we worry, click F5, sometimes even hotheads from among the staff write a few unrestrained comments. But we do not write for the sake of rating, but for you - rating for us is an assessment of whether we are on the right path. Therefore, we will not brag about puzomerkami. We will brag about new CRM :-)

    Why does a business, and anyone, need a CRM system? And why is he afraid of her?

    This is a question that sounds from everywhere and hangs over the entire market for CRM-systems: what if this is all the imposition of software, and in fact the business will cost you? In fact, no, CRM is really needed by the business and brings economic and managerial benefits through automation, reduced routine and relatively safe, orderly data storage.

    • CRM organizes business, even if it is not ready to use business processes. Everything is perfectly managed in one system: transactions, contacts, correspondence with clients (yes, we have a new mail client in RegionSoft CRM 7.0 and we are proud of it), reports, funnels and so on. Thus, the management and employees of the company receive an overall picture of the business, based on current and complete information.
    • CRM is the cornerstone of the company's economic and information security. When data is stored in a single database on your server, the probability of losing it (with the departure of an employee or as a result of hacking) decreases. Knowing about the problem, we provided several data protection mechanisms in RegionSoft CRM, including access rights, group policies, and the use of a USB key to access the system.
    • CRM brings the client and business closer together, because on the basis of CRM-system data, you can make cool promotions, mailings, loyalty programs, work with discount cards - in general, you can do real marketing, and not those standard events that have no effect.
    • CRM brings order to the workflow, because in the system interface (in particular, RegionSoft CRM) you can create all the primary documentation: invoices, invoices, acts, contracts, KP , and even TCH (technical and commercial proposals). All documents are attached to the card of the respective client, which means that they will not be lost.
    • Business does not lose data - the CRM system accumulates and stores data, and any information retrieval does not go unnoticed: the facts of generating reports, data uploads, data downloads, etc. are recorded. Differentiation of user rights allows you to establish trust his rights in case of undesirable incident.
    • CRM provides exactly the measure of employee management and operational control, which should be in a developed and productive company. Today, we often hear or read about wild control tools - cameras, time trackers, bracelets, smartphones in a box at the entrance, etc. Total control is the unfortunate lot of ineffective HR, because the company is recruiting employees who cannot be trusted. The CRM system gives the control that is needed: the KPI motivation system (in RegionSoft CRM is finely tuned and according to many criteria), control of completed tasks, control of the day’s results (when leaving our CRM system, an employee can fill in the daily report) planning.

    Meanwhile, the trend is that the business ... is afraid of the CRM system. And these fears have very obvious and explainable causes and consequences.

    • Lack of knowledge. Business, as a rule, very vaguely imagines what CRM is (for example, there are questions - and where everything is stored is like in an exelcade, and I can draw in it, and it is infected with viruses, etc. ) and even more how to implement it. Actually, business should not know this - all questions can be asked to a vendor, not a single adequate employee will laugh at them. Although, if representatives of the company honor the same Habr or other resources, it will only add skills to communication.
    • Fears for the implementation of the project CRM. In simple terms, it is the fear that the existing pattern will change. And he can proceed both from the manager ( and how to implement, train, not spoil relations, control ... ) and from employees ( they will control me, I will not be able to stay with clients any more, I will not have my client base, I won't be able to namulevat with sales, and if I do not understand, what if I do not need ...). Conservatism in most cases, just in human nature - the new scares. But if you are asked to give up the minibus and get behind the wheel, for example, Mazda or Honda, will you refuse? It may, of course, refuse if you already drive a BMW ... It's convenient, and we all pay for such convenience. In the same way, a CRM system is convenient and, which should additionally motivate managers, it is beneficial.
    • A boycott by employees is a consequence of these fears. We wrote in detail about how to deal with such behavior , we will not repeat.

    Part of the concerns can be dispelled if you talk to the vendor. It is important to do this from the standpoint of dialogue and discussion, and not pressure, "well, you buy there soon, here's a discount, and then we'll figure it out."

    • Do not be afraid to ask tough, simple, naive, deployed - a variety of questions. You should get answers to them.
    • Be sure to request training from the vendor, learn how to quickly configure and form an internal expert.
    • Find out what options of technical support the vendor has, what is included in the paid and free packages.
    • Automate business processes (at least a part) with the vendor. Of course, this is paid, but this way you can start quickly and accurately, and at the same time get a good practice.

    Well, in general, work with the developer of a CRM system in tandem, based on mutual respect and professional interest. You know your business, the developer spent a lot of implementations (we, for example, a few thousand) - both sides have something to talk about.

    What's new in RegionSoft CRM v.7 ?

    Again, if you need the most complete technical information and a minimum of discussion, here is a link where you can download the full list of changes that have occurred . In the article we will tell only about the part of the changes that should be commented.

    • Appeared currency management. Added directory of currencies and property of the item “Price in currency”. Added currency exchange log. A mechanism has been created for the mass recalculation of prices in the main sales currency on the basis of the exchange rates and the currency price of the item.

    Current exchange rates are recorded in the journal of currencies. This function is in demand by many companies, including those working with foreign clients, when the value of goods is expressed in currency. The pricing mechanism has the ability to centrally recalculate sales prices through exchange rates. Thus, the price list of such companies can be updated every day and as accurate as possible.

    You can view the installation date of the currency, value, author and time changes

    • A mechanism has been introduced to check the criteria for entering information in the client's card, with the help of which it is now possible to customize the card filling rules and check their actual execution at the moment of saving data.

    The client card in RegionSoft CRM includes a maximum of characteristics and parameters - in fact, from it you can get access to any entity associated with the client. Plus, users can create their own containers and fields in them. Thus, no information is lost. Client card in RegionSoft CRM (clickable)

    • Accounting and manipulation of VAT (value added tax) in the documents have become more convenient. The system is prepared for operation in the context of changes in tax legislation regarding the VAT rate (critical for the Russian Federation from January 1, 2019).
    • Now the system supports regional constants (details) for Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Israel and other states.

    • A new mechanism for user journals has been created that allows you to create your own journals of information and objects, including documents with details (tabular) and successor journals.
    • A user log designer was created with named object variables, open source code, object card designer, and event handlers, which together represent powerful tools for customizing and configuring the system by the user himself.
    • The designer has implemented a mechanism for controlling access to log objects, tracking exclusive access and controlling the deletion of records. Also in the mechanism integrated access to FTP.

    For many clients it is extremely important to solve the problem with duplicates in the client base - records with the same parameters. Based on our experience, we have worked with duplicates:

    • A refactoring of the mechanism of searching for duplicates of clients was carried out while saving the client card
    • A mechanism for semi-automatic search of duplicates with a sample of base segments has been created, an analysis has been implemented with regard to holdings.

    If you worked with CRM systems, you probably would have noticed that problems with mail often arise: then it works in one direction, it does not digest the HTML layout, or the server falls off. At the same time, CRM often does not have its own email client - the work is built on integration, for example, with Gmail, - and this is not quite convenient (and sometimes not completely safe). Therefore, we created our e-mail client in RegionSoft CRM and implemented in it everything that is needed for normal business correspondence.

    • The mail client has undergone a deep general refactoring. The work of the mail client has become much more stable and more convenient.
    • An HTML editor has been introduced to create beautiful and functional letters right inside RegionSoft CRM, including the ability to add images to the text of the letter. Introduced new templates for letters in HTML-format (including caps and basements) with the support of a set of variables with the data of users, contractors and contact persons.
    • An automated mail reception mechanism has been developed and implemented using the RegionSoft Application Server without user involvement via the POP3 and IMAP protocols. This allows you to receive mail centrally for all users of the system, even if some of the users are offline.
    • The ability to duplicate sent messages on the mail server has been implemented.
    • Introduced modes of receiving mail with a preview of the headers of letters and without it.
    • Implemented automatic detection of email client settings by e-mail address, including the requirements for SSL-connection.
    • Test checking connection with mailbox using POP3, IMAP, SMTP protocols has been implemented.
    • Added the ability to send letters to recipients in the "Cc" and "Bcc", as well as the possibility of forwarding.
    • Added a mechanism to automatically create an event when a user sends an email message.
    • The ability to print a register of letters has been added to the email journal.

    Our e-mail client

    Our clients often build something, saw, construct, etc., which means that you need to remove the dimensions and quickly calculate the value of the object (doors, windows, body, package size, etc.). Now in RegionSoft CRM there is an opportunity to create your own calculator of any complexity, which will help the manager to “estimate” the cost or just calculate it and issue an invoice.

    • A new calculation mechanism (calculators) has been developed and implemented, designed for custom calculations of any complexity, which are performed through the use of open source software scripts. The designer of the interface form of the calculator can be designed by the user for a specific task.

    • The calculator mechanism is extended to the interface forms of payment invoices and the project card. For example, now when billing the door, the manager can specify only a few parameters: the door model, the width and height of the doorway, and the type of doorman. The system itself calculates the number and characteristics of the necessary components and fills the bill.

    An example of a custom calculator

    We already wrote about how we created KPIs and why the mechanism turned out to be working and generally adequate. But we still worked and in this direction - the KPI module has become even more convenient.

    • The KPI mechanism has undergone a new deep refactoring. Revised KPI model. Its capabilities and flexibility are greatly enhanced. The mechanism of KPI periods has been developed and implemented. Now you can set different plan values ​​for KPI profiles for different periods and measure them separately. For example, for quiet and high seasons, you can customize your plans.

      Basic KPI Setup

      Advanced KPI Setup

      KPI and payroll in RegionSoft CRM

    • A mechanism for exporting / importing KPI settings in the context of periods in the XML format has been introduced.

    We also worked on security and somewhat alleviated the plight of system administrators and RegionSoft CRM administrators in companies. By the way, below - the system error log - the administrator will not miss anything.

    • The mechanism of rights templates has been introduced. Now you do not need to assign permissions for each user. It is enough to create one template and assign it to a whole group of users.

    Rights Template Settings Window

    • Implemented domain authorization. Now the user can not enter the password at system startup. It will be automatically authorized based on the Windows account under which it runs in the operating system.
    • A deep refactoring of the distribution of users into working groups has been carried out. The capabilities of the “Team Leader” role have been expanded. A full division of rights in the client’s card journals has been introduced in the context of working groups (if the distribution mode for working groups is on).

    VoIP-telephony is a very popular business thing. We tried to make sure that neither a small business, nor a giant enterprise, nor a call center had any problems with telephony, using RegionSoft CRM. Everything is simple, convenient, intellectually and without surcharges and “broken” tariffs - you can choose the provider yourself.

    • A lot of work was done to expand the capabilities of the RegionSoft CRM with telephony. Today, the system supports work with the most popular IP-PBX, and also allows you to configure more complex work patterns based on smart call routing. In fact, we have developed a series of products that are closely integrated with each other, allowing you to create a real Call Center.
    • Implemented support for seamless integration with the RegionSoft VoIP Connector, which allows you to work with Asterisk IP PBX and most popular cloud IP PBXs: Mango office, Megafon, Zadarma, Virgin Connect, PBX on the ITooLabs platform.
    • Support has been introduced for seamless integration with the RegionSoft VoIP Agent, a new tool for the Call Center operator, which makes it possible to significantly save time on recording information about the current call.
    • Now the system in combination with RegionSoft VoIP Connector is able to determine the source of information for each call by the number of the incoming channel and automatically register it on the client card when it is created.
    • Added a custom right to listen to someone else's call records in the call log.

    But this is a very cool thing - the calculation of technical and commercial proposals. If you work with factories, manufacturing enterprises, large holdings and any companies that supply complex and / or expensive solutions, you need not only to send a colorful booklet or a motivational letter, but also to provide a detailed calculation of all goods, works, services. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account a lot of information about components, equipment, etc. For this and there is a complex form of the document - TAP .

    • A new type of document has been created - TKP (Technical and Commercial Proposal), intended for the preparation of complex commercial proposals used to work with industrial enterprises and enterprises that require the completion of complex equipment. The creation of TKP is based on the principles of compatibility and interchangeability of equipment and components and their technical characteristics. TCH can be automatically filled with the necessary promotional materials supplied equipment. When calculating the total cost of TKP, the cost of standard and optional components selected by the user, the list of discounts and markups are taken into account. On the basis of the TAP, you can automatically enter the expenditure invoice, invoice for payment, the act and invoice.
    • Added separate pass-through journal TCH.

    TKP Calculation Interface (clickable) TCH Print Form (clickable) And we also have an industry version of RegionSoft CRM Media for TV and radio holdings , and we also changed it. Now she is able to take into account objects of street advertising, works with booking places, with approvals. That is, its functionality is ideal for multi-advertising agencies working with different formats. By the way, RegionSoft CRM Media is not run in one media holding, everyone is happy. We think new opportunities will expand the modest group of fans of our Media.

    • A mechanism has been added for recording street and Internet advertising objects (billboards, banners, banners, prismatrons, etc.), which significantly expands the possibilities of the regional editorial office of RegionSoft CRM Media. The mechanism contains a booking reservation journal, and the occupancy of objects is monitored using a visual Gantt chart.
    • Changed the media plans approval mechanism: now only the user with administrative rights can cancel the approval.
    • Added reference book "Types of Sponsorship".
    • Added report “Volume of airtime sold”.

    RegionSoft CRM is a desktop CRM system, that is, it does not work in the browser, but is a separate program on the user's PC. And, of course, like any desktop software, it should work as quickly as possible so that the user does not experience discomfort. In the development process, we have always focused our attention on achieving high speed of the application. The new version of RegionSoft CRM 7.0 is no exception.

    • Running a system with big data is speeded up more than 5 times!
    • Significantly reduced requirements for the amount of RAM, which is most in demand for large data sets with the number of counterparties of more than 50,000.
    • Introduced a background upgrade mechanism from previous versions of systems. Now there is no need to perform additional transition procedures.
    • System loading speed increased by about 5 !!! times compared with version 6.0

      Movies about fast and extended launch of our CRM
      Оценить скорость запуска и частично интерфейс можно в ролике о быстром запуске системы:

      Ролик о расширенном запуске с пояснениями также доступен:

    And how much?

    By optimizing internal business processes and costs, we try to keep prices low for our software. The pricing mechanism is simple and as clear as possible:

    • you pay once and the licenses become yours (that is, you do not pay a monthly fee)
    • the more licenses you buy, the lower the cost of space
    • you do not pay for the DBMS
    • all licenses are competitive - that is, you do not overpay for employees working “in the fields” and there is an installment plan and rent for those who are comfortable with these particular forms of payment.

    Let's compare the base cost of owning the most popular version of RegionSoft CRM Professional and the abstract popular CRM in about the same configuration for a small company for 20 people:
    RegionSoft CRM Professional
    Popular CRM
    License price per user per month
    1 person - 11 700 p.
    2-10 persons. - 10 300 p.
    11-20 people. - 9 100 p.
    1499 p. / User / per month
    The first year of using CRM (for licenses) 20 user.
    One-time payment:
    195 400 p.
    Annual fee:
    359,760 p.
    The second year of using CRM (for licenses) 20 user.
    0 p., You paid the license
    Annual fee:
    359,760 p.
    Total cost of holding licenses for 2 years
    195 400 p.
    719 520 r.

    So much for the difference. Of course, CRM often costs more (a detailed article on this ) than just the cost of licenses, but the order of difference with a similar cost of work will remain. Our full price list is here , and there is also a calculator without registration and SMS.

    CRM-system has long ceased to be exclusive. And we will not even compare it with a tool or a computer next to wooden bills. CRM-system is the second breath of business, which decided on its implementation. If you didn’t experience this feeling, you lost a lot, if you don’t experience a business, you will lose a lot again, but in rubles (euro, dollars, hryvnia).

    Well, a great video (18+) to the rhythm of our headline - that is necessary in the middle of the working week

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