Intel 0x7DD Summer Youth School Awaits Students

    It has already become a good tradition that in late April - early May on the Intel blog we announce the next recruitment to the Intel Summer Student School; here, for example, how it looked the last time . The year 0x7DD will not be an exception. So, this information is for you - senior students and graduate students! We offer everyone to spend the summer time in an exciting and profitable way, gaining new knowledge and translating them directly into program code!
    Application deadline extended until May 12.

    Step one. We are interested and choose the field of activity

    The rules for entering summer schools (and, traditionally, there are only two of them - in Nizhny Novgorod and Novosibirsk) have not undergone any changes, only a little time has moved. Even the address of the page on the Intel website , which talks about schools, has not changed . On this page you will find a list of tasks that will be solved during the training period. By May 12 (there is very little time left!), Applicants should send their questionnaire to the indicated email address , as well as a plan for solving any of the problems presented in free form.

    This year's tasks are 48: 27 for the school in Nizhny Novgorod and 21 for Novosibirsk. All of them relate to topics that are relevant to Intel: media processing, computer graphics, programming tools, parallel programming technologies, high-performance math libraries, and so on. I'll try to choose the most interesting of them - to interest you.

    Task 8. Improving open media libraries by integrating the Intel Media SDK for decoding and encoding.
    Open source media libraries are often used in commercial products. It is proposed to embed the Intel Media SDK in one of these open libraries in order to get the performance boost of this library when launched on the Intel platform.

    Task 14. Development / optimization of analytical algorithms for big data analysis.
    The project consists of several stages: high-level comparative analysis of some algorithms for data analysis; selection, development of algorithms in C language and their analysis from the point of view of scalability by data size, as well as available hardware resources (vector register length, number of cores, etc.); optimization of algorithms for Intel architecture using C / C ++ Intel compiler, Intel MKL library, etc .; writing a report that summarizes the results of the analysis, conclusions and recommendations.

    Task 22. Analysis of performance / power consumption of applications for Intel mobile platforms (Android, Win 8).
    Participation in a project to support the launch of Intel platforms for mobile devices. Analysis of application performance / power consumption, application validation. OS: Android, Win8.

    Task 27. Development of gesture and voice interfaces to geographic information or graphic applications
    The popular geographic information applications (Yandex Maps, Google Maps, ...) or graphic editors (Photoshop, GIMP) have a rather heavy, mouse-oriented user interface. Purpose of work: choose 2-3 applications among the popular graphic or geographic information; develop an interface design that allows you to naturally control the application using both hands and voice capabilities; develop an interface module based on the PerC SDK that implements the concept of an interface and allows you to control the application in an alternative way; Create a demo application package.

    Naturally, all seriously interested need to carefully study the entire proposed list of tasks - what if there is exactly what you have long wanted to do? I emphasize that all tasks are completely real, the results will be further used in the work of Intel.

    Step Two We are waiting for the conclusion of the expert commission

    Within a month, from May 1 to June 1 , all submitted applications are examined by experts, and interviews are conducted with suitable candidates. The selection results are sent to the contestants and posted on the Intel website on June 4 . I have no doubt that if you work seriously at the first stage (once again I remind you that there is very little time left!), Then your name will surely be on the list of admissions.
    I want to draw your attention: the initial choice of the task does not necessarily coincide with the final distribution of the projects.

    Step Three Pack your bags

    You will receive all further information from Intel Focal Points by mail or telephone. During the internship, a scholarship is paid, nonresident interns are given a grant to travel from the place of study to the place of passage of the School and back, as well as accommodation in a student hostel.
    Classes in schools will be held from July 3 to August 23 .
    The best students who have successfully completed an internship will receive an advantageous opportunity to work at Intel during their studies as interns and after graduation as permanent employees.

    I sincerely wish good luck to everyone who decided to try their hand. And for those who will be trained at the Intel 0x7DD Summer School, I sincerely wish to write a small report on what they saw and send it to us on the Intel blog - how it didone of the participants last year .

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