Easier than it seems. Chapter 11

    “Easier than it seems” is a business novel about what programmers are still capable of.

    Tanya was silent for almost an hour. She looked out the window at the fields and forests that were passing by, covered with fresh snow. Yesterday it froze, and the snow sparkled so that it was painful to watch - only polarized glasses were saved.

    The road to Tanya's parents, who lived in a small town a hundred kilometers from the regional center, was well known to Sergei, therefore, no special concentration of attention was required. But I wanted to talk very much. But Sergei did not know how to approach.

    He told about his new project the day before. Tanya, as is common with the better half of humanity, listened in silence and said: “I see.” Clear to you - thought Sergey.

    On the one hand, such an answer is enough. You do not want to delve into, discuss, propose, speak out - for God's sake, sit silent. But it is clear, with one hundred percent probability, that Tanya has something to say. How to be?

    You will be silent - the dissatisfaction will accumulate, then it will turn into a scandal, Sergey knew this for sure. I didn’t want to ask, to proclaim this scandal, as they say at work, proactively. As if asking yourself for punishment. Damn, like they have everything difficult, in women.

    Why in the family can not communicate as at work? There, after all, at least break loose, nobody really cares about this (if you are not the superior, of course). And Tanya - is she superior? Or a colleague? In terms of working relationships.

    And hell knows. You don’t need to talk about it with her exactly (thinking about this, Sergey smiled).

    Tanya noticed a smile, and for some reason decided to break the silence.

    - What? She asked tiredly.

    - Yes, so simple.

    - Well, say.

    - I do not want. - Sergey answered with a smile. - You are sitting silent, so I will.

    - And what to talk about? You said everything yesterday.

    - What did you say? About the project or what?

    - Project soon. Yes, about him.

    - Well, what did I say wrong? - (oh, it seems to be starting, Sergey almost happily thought).

    - Yes, it's not like that. You are like a little. All some nonsense doing, no, to work properly.

    - to work normally? What is this?

    - To do what is necessary. Become a boss so that the salary is higher, I don’t know ... Learn to go, I’ve been telling you for a long time.

    - On whom? Learned already.

    - On the manager, in absentia.

    - What for, Tan?

    - This is you ask Pebble, what for. You're so smart, you know everything, you can do everything — well, at least you tell me so. And Pebble became the head, not you.

    - Well, this is generally a strange story.

    - Of course, come on, joke, or perhaps, what an unfair fate, you love it.

    - Damn, why are you starting something? You know how she became a boss! And then I do?

    - Yes, indeed, where are you ... Everything, Seryozha, look at the road, you still didn’t have enough time to fly into the ditch.

    No, it did not go, Sergei thought. Again the same thing. What to do with you? Where does such love for commanding positions come from? Is the seal of the Soviet time, plus the stereotypes of small cities? Or family? Father Tanya is the head of the plant. Maybe this is the case?

    - Pebbles, by the way, less than I get. - after much deliberation said Sergey.

    - Now less, because I recently became the head. - dryly answered Tanya. “As long as you make your searchlights, it will rise even higher.” Maybe even on your hump.

    - Well, yeah, fuck her. We already had a fight on this topic. I will not let her into my project, the mare.

    - Yes, who will ask you something! - Tanya did not let up. - Escapes, agree behind your back, as when he became the head.

    - No, I work directly with Kurchatov, with the owner. Pebbles are simply not in this project, in any capacity.

    - Quality - quality. - Tanya obscenely confused, and, not restraining, smiled. - You are a fool after all, Serezha.

    - It's like a joke. - sincerely laughed Sergey. - Hello, is this laundry? - ... the cell! This is the Ministry of Culture, what do you want?

    It is necessary to catch the wave, Sergei thought. While in this mood, ready to listen, we must take the bull by the horns.

    - Listen, Tan. - waiting for Tanya to stop laughing, continued Sergey. - I understand everything, you do not believe in this project. No one believes. I myself do not really believe. I just decided for myself that I want to try.

    It worked, oddly enough. Tanya did not interrupt, did not ironically - just looked at Sergey and listened. We must develop success!

    - I recently worked in “Cuba”, only half a year has passed. - Sergey continued. - Salary is the same as in previous work. And there are many such offers on the market. If it doesn't work out with this project, I will just go to another job, and I will try to become a boss. Well, or, how come there. OK, Tan?

    - I don’t know, Seryozh ... I just really don’t understand why you are doing this ...

    - Yes, hell knows ... I just want to try something new. But damn, even if working directly with the owner is already good. Imagine if everything works out? This is the project of the year, Kurchatov himself said so. For him, this warehouse is a real problem. And who will solve this problem? Sergey Ivanov, a programmer.

    - This is what I can not understand. Why the programmer should be engaged in a warehouse? Why not production then, or what else do you have? Stocking? Cleaning the area?

    - Yes, and here "should" - Sergey sighed. - I volunteered myself. No one could solve this problem, but I can, you understand? The director could not, the chief accountant could not, but I can. To solve the real problem of the enterprise, and not to engage in any crap - to program something, and then to inflate my cheeks, as if I had done something useful. Do you understand? Who will the owner want to work with, if not the one who solves his real problems?

    - Well, as if this is a real problem. Seryozha, well, you talk like a child again.

    - Yes, you just do not know how serious this is! I’m not inventing anything, Kurchatov is really furious after every revision! Fuck it, with the reality of the problem, there you can talk for a long time, but you see, the man himself - you understand, yourself! - he says ... No, he does not - shouting that this is a super-important problem!

    - You never know what he screams there.

    - Yes, not "it is not enough", this is important! For him, a warehouse is a headache, and I can take this headache off. When a person's head hurts, it is important to him, who and what thinks about it? No, of course, there are people who say - hey, you're wrong, you have a completely different problem, forget about the headache, take care, I do not know ... your ass, that's where the real problem is! This is what everyone is doing and they are doing - they are giving Kurchatov his opinion about what to spend on resources, money, where to put employees. Everyone says - Evgeny Viktorovich, there is such a problem, such a problem! The toilet bowl is clogged! I'll take the plunger now, and I will heroically solve this problem! Well, decide - Kurchatov answers. No, you do not understand - continues the moronic employee - you must recognize that the toilet is the main problem of the enterprise! This is the project of the year! And there are dozens of such screamers.

    - Well, what are you better?

    - And I didn’t designate any problems for him, I didn’t smell anything! He himself called this problem, he wants to solve it himself, to get rid of this headache! Do you understand? Himself! Well, as a doctor came and said - hey, dude, my head hurts, help!

    - And you mean a doctor?

    - Well, sort of. I want to become a doctor. To help a real person, with a real business, solve a real problem. Well, and if it doesn't work out - don't care, I’ll quit and find the same job.

    - Okay, come, my mother stands at the gate, meets.

    Sergey, for some reason, liked to come to visit Tanya's parents, who lived in their own house - as expected, with a vegetable garden, a sauna and hens. Perhaps because he spent all his childhood in a real village and, although he moved to a million-plus city, the soul wanted rural space and comfort.

    - Where's dad? - asked Tanya who got out of the car.

    - Yes, they called for work, something happened to the fence there.

    - What could have happened to the fence to cause a person in the New Year holidays? - Tanya laughed. - Stole it or what?

    - No, some kind of hole found. - mother dismissed. - They think that scrap was being dragged through it.

    - So close up, and business. - continued Tanya. - Does the plant manager need to patch the fence? No one else?

    - Yes, Lord, do not you know if our village. Nothing can be done without a boss. They are drained there then, because of this scrap, it’s just trouble with him. Catch want.

    - Whom to catch? Those who carry scrap?

    - Well. Either they put the camera, or the guard will be put, I did not understand.

    - Why can't you just stop it?

    - So you will not catch anyone. Find a new hole, or throw over the fence. Or dig like moles.

    - Will the watchman catch anyone?

    - Yes, I do not know, what's the difference, I care. This security chief told me not to close the hole, but to install a camera or a watchman. That father went.

    - Okay, do not swear. I just do not understand, so I ask.

    - How are you, for long? Seryozha, how much do you rest?

    - I do not know, a couple of days, I think. - Sergey answered.

    - Here are those on, all week rest, and you a couple of days? What happened?

    - He has a project. - Tanya answered with a mischievous smile, looking at Sergey.

    - What? What project?

    - Oh, don't ask. - Tanya laughed. - Okay, let's go, mom. What will we cook?

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