Brutal photo test. Compare Nexus 4 and Canon 5D cameras

    When choosing a smartphone, it’s quite difficult to understand how good its photo part is. Probably the only place where they seriously approached this issue is the famous But so far there are fewer reviews than fingers on the hands. Yes, and reviews are usually relative. What is the fact that under some conditions my device shoots somewhat worse / better than another?

    Looking at all this, I thought, what's the point of comparing the cameras of smartphones with each other? You need to understand how good the camera is. Solution: you need to shoot the same thing on the Nexus 4 and Canon 5d Mark II! I'm not an innovator in this matter, I remember there was a comparison of the iPhone 4 with the Canon 5D. Of course, this is not about finding out who is better off. Canon acts as the benchmark against which the Nexus 4 is rated.


    Comparison conditions

    For comparison, I chose quartered fragments of two photos. Canon shot with a focal length of 28mm. The photo was reduced from 21 megapixels to the size of the Nexus-ovsky. Everything is on the machine both there and there, but Canon made an exposure correction of -2/3 steps.


    First photo

    Left Nexus, right Canon.


    Crops of the original size. Top row - Nexus 4:

    Large size (3648x1824): download .

    Second photo


    Crops from the original:

    Large size (4326x2163): download .

    My conclusion

    The quality of the photos that Nexus 4 is capable of giving out, as well as any modern smartphone, is really cool. Let the geeks continue to catch fleas in crop and compare smartphones with each other. Of course, for professional use, you can’t do without a SLR, but for a home for a family, a smartphone camera is enough. But whether it is necessary to look at intermediate solutions (soap dishes, mirrorless mirrors) can be called into question. The quality will not differ much about the smartphone. But it is clear that this is my subjective opinion.


    I often lack a wide angle. Telephoto lenses didn’t take root somehow, but it’s very necessary to take a panorama. Nexus 4 has the “Photosphere” function, which allows you to shoot a spherical panorama in automatic mode.

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