The meaning and quality of life of a programmer

Reading the text will force to solve new problems. You have the right to ignorance. Do not read further if you are happy with everything now.
The purpose of the article is to show that there are people with special thinking and psyche, that these properties determine specific tasks and only a positive solution to problems allows you to be in harmony with society, psychological health and a sense of happiness.
In short - what should a programmer do to be healthy and happy.

The term "programmer" is used for brevity, the following will be relevant for other people who feel in themselves a high ability for abstract thinking.
Let us describe the group of people to whom the text is addressed more precisely. Check the description should be observable and sufficient to highlight from the rest of the human mass.

As other people see us:
• Introverted, thoughtful, not emotional. Normal state “passive-contemplative position”
• Slightly inhibited because constantly reside within themselves and to answer the question must return to the outside world, which takes some time. Simple and stupid in their opinion questions can generally be ignored
• They shun loud companies, discos, or in extreme cases sit in the corner watching what is happening with indifference or condescending arrogance
• As a rule, they are tall and thin, usually inferior to their peers in physical strength and energy (“Botany »)
• High self-esteem
• Capable of abstract thinking and solving complex problems requiring a high level of concentration
• Indifferent or calm to traditional values ​​such as “money” “power” “beauty” “comfort”

How we feel and see from the inside:
• We need silence. The best time of day is the night when everyone calmed down.
• People rush around and scream, while acting thoughtlessly, and the tasks that they solve are small and stupid
• From people, we value understanding most of all - what we meet least often.
• We translate the tasks into a formalized form, the incomplete, inaccurate, vague statement of tasks by others is annoying.
• We gravitate towards solving problems that we add to ourselves, while the rest consider that these are unnecessary features, complication, reinsurance ...
We need a decent load on the brain.If it is not, we load our processor with computer games, studying philosophy or religions, reading fiction. Our processor can’t stand idle for the worst, just turn it off through sleep, alcohol, drugs.

We see a difference in the mental device, which is based on the difference in the main property - the ability to abstract thinking.
To feel the difference, we will analyze different types of thinking :
• Figurative thinking - the ability to see the whole picture and at the same time see and disassemble it into parts, to small parts and details, to pixels.
• Analytical thinking - the ability to see and highlight a new quality and further share all the information on the basis of quality. Divide everything into categories, by cells based on quality and properties. In essence, disassemble the whole into parts and structure them.
• Logical thinking - the ability to analytical thinking to add quantitative characteristics on the basis of which to make a decision or extend the picture of the world in the near future. In fact, forecasting based on probability or profitability, i.e. on quantitative characteristics.
• Abstract (synthetic thinking) ability in separate and fragmentary information to see common elements and combine them into a system or law. The ability to abstract from missing or unimportant information and build a picture of the world far ahead, based on laws and a systematic understanding of the device. An example is the periodic table with the prediction of new elements.
The good news is that nature has rewarded us with the ability to think in the highest category!
The bad news is that nature, with the ability, makes it our duty to use!

If we do not use the ability of nature cruelly and inevitably punishes. And not only us, everyone else with their abilities too. Let's see who, for what and how?
The owner of figurative thinking, for example, a girl with huge expressive eyes, nature punishes with cruel neurosis up to hysteria, if she sees herself in a mirror as ugly or not fashionable. Her task is to bring beauty to the world either by herself, or by works of art, or a manifestation of spiritual beauty - compassion.
The holder of analytical thinking must give the world products or works of art of the highest quality. If he does not do this, does not receive a positive response from society about the quality of his work, he experiences suffering and resentment. In resentment, they go so far that a stomach ulcer or heart attack is almost an absolute diagnosis.
The owner of logical thinking, capable of making decisions on the basis of logic and quantitative comparison, must give the world optimal control, resource saving, an abundance of goods - this is expressed in business, engineering solutions, and trade. Failure to fulfill its mission is punishable by envy that eats up the soul, anger that corrodes the brain, up to an allergy to the skin, to a nervous tick on the face, with the corresponding transition poor mental conditions and illnesses - "all illnesses from nerves."

How does nature punish the owners of abstract thinking? Also a direct effect on the brain, suffering, insomnia, headache, migraine. After a headache, psychological disorders begin, followed by mental and physical ones. And we try to deceive nature, load the head with computer games, go to work as programmers and hang around for days solving far-fetched tasks, or we try to knock out the brain with chemistry (antidepressants, alcohol, up to drugs in severe cases). You don’t have to think that nature has a weak lever (you think the head hurts), the only type of people who do not imitate suicide (to be pitied), but they do everything at once and specifically it is the owners of abstract thinking.
Do not want to be punished, do what nature requires!
“What does she want? why did she give me super intelligence? I didn’t think about it! ”
Oh, how many of us died because we didn’t think!
Abstract thinking is called upon to cognize the structure of the world and to indicate to the whole group the correct directions of forward movement. Create a picture of the world of tomorrow, analyze options, indicate the most optimal ways.
That is why Marx and his ilk wrote such thick books, the best minds thought about the meaning of life, which is why many people study Kabbalah, which is why they are chasing the Higgs boson.

The hardest work is to think , it is harder only to think with great intellect, surrounded by small, cheerful and talkative.
And it’s also interesting that the society for which you are looking for a way will not thank you, most likely it simply won’t understand anything during your lifetime. Therefore, nature will thank you directly, directly to the brain (just as it punishes). Nature will thank with flashes of happiness that will be much stronger and longer than the pleasure of any other brain, from new lipstick, from sex, from a stolen million, from a million earned ...

Where to start? You can start from here , (let your ears go then you don’t understand, this is the middle, then you will return to the beginning, if you are with abstract thinking then you need to understand and from here, if not, don’t look, you still won’t understand) ...

PS Programming is also an attempt to deceive nature; programming as such is not necessary for nature. But do not drop it because the brain will need to be fed and heated, the rest is optional.
The question "Do I need to deal with this issue?" The answer is "no, it is not necessary, because if there are no abilities there will be no demand from you, if there are abilities then nature already asks, that is it will not be impossible to engage. ”

Article co-author: slava7

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