Habrainterview with the developers of "Space Rangers"

    The game "Space Rangers 2"

    In connection with the recent rating of the best games according to Habr, I became interested in the game "Space Rangers". I can not call the success of the game otherwise than phenomenal. In this connection, he contacted the developers with a request to give me and the habrasociety an interview. The result is as follows:

    • Alexey Dubovoi agreed to answer questions by mail.
    • Dmitry Gusarov declined to be interviewed.
    • The team that is preparing the Revolution addon for the interview agrees.

    I invite all interested habrayuzers to ask their questions in the comments. The questions that will pick the most pluses will be included in the interview.

    A brief history of the creation of the game:

    1999 - Dmitry Gusarov creates the game "General" alone, a turn-based strategy. In the same year, Dmitry met with Alexei Dubov, a guy who graduated from high school, enrolled in high school and expelled from the first year. Together they begin to write the best game of all time.

    2002 - the game is over. It is published by 1C. With almost no advertising, she is winning the hearts of gamers, who accidentally bought and appreciated. 1C gave money for the development of the second part. The second part was already developed by a person 20.

    2004 - the second part of the game is coming out. Including in the English version. Again almost no ads, but the number of fans is growing. Although, it should be noted that the game receives plentiful positive reviews in gaming magazines.

    2005 - Dmitry Gusarov and Alexey Dubov quarrel and part. Dmitry creates a new company "Katauri Interactive". Aleksey remains the owner of Elemental Games.

    2007 - the game is reprinted with additions called "Reboot".

    2008 - Dmitry Gusarov moves to Kaliningrad from Katauri Interactive.

    2011 - All rights to the game go to 1C.

    2012 - until this moment, no one has officially engaged in the game, but there are fans who come up with their patches, add-ons and more. In April last year, 1C formally entered into an agreement with a group of fans to develop a major add-on.

    March 15, 2013 - the game is reprinted with the “Revolution” addon.

    More information can be found on Wikipedia and Lurka .

    Why do I consider the game a phenomenon

    When I call the game a phenomenon, I do not try to add pathos. How else to name the game, written by young fans, with minimal experience, which comes out almost without ads, but quickly finds its loyal user?

    There is another side. The fact that the game has overtaken by the number of votes of such universally recognized monsters as Tetris and Cossacks, says a lot but not everything. For me personally, one review “This is the best game in the world” is more important than a thousand reviews “Nothing, you can play.” But from most fans of the game I heard just such reviews:

    - The creators of the game are geniuses!
    “This is the coolest game I've ever played!”

    It costs a lot.

    Interview Rules

    In the comments of the first level we ask questions. If you like the question, put the pros. It is advisable to ask questions specifically:
    - Alexey Dubovoi is one of the first two developers of the game.
    - Yakov Uvarov - the leader of the “Revolution” project.
    - Mikhail Belov - on finances in the “Revolution” project.
    - Bogdan Lvov - responsible for the design in the "Revolution".

    Interview published

    The interview with Alexei Dubov and Yakov Uvarov was published in a separate post . Thank you all for asking questions.

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