4.04. The day when the page not found turned into a holiday

    Russian people are always happy for the holiday. Especially if the holiday, as is the case with the fourth of April, is thematic and close to the web workshop.

    As usual, in this regard, all the rays of goodness and love. Looking back at the source of the holiday, it is worth noting that in the western segment of the Internet they are quite attentive to any creative and non-standard 404th pages that are designed to solve not only functional tasks, but also additionally attract the user's attention.

    We are somewhat simpler with this, most are limited to a standardly designed page with an error message. But sometimes there are quite worthy examples.

    Our beloved Habr Blog Artemy Lebedev, who does not feel sorry for anyone TemplateMonster Russia and his "firebird"

    Categorical icon designers The classic 404th with migrant workers Notamedia Agency, which claims that everyone has the right to make mistakes No comments I will be glad to see in the comments the most striking examples of the 404 pages you meet. Happy holiday!

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