The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media proposes to enter information on the owners of prohibited resources into the register of prohibited sites

    The Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation has prepared a number of changes and additions to government decree No. 1101 of October 26, 2012. This decree just determined the algorithm for working with the registry of banned sites. Now, some very interesting additions can be added to this decision.

    For example, in addition to information about the prohibited site and its hoster, it is also proposed to enter information about the owner of the prohibited site. As for sites on domains in .ru, .su and .rf zones, everything is clear here. But what to do with GLTD domains and the sites that hang on them is not entirely clear, because not every owner brings in the correct information for the GLTD domain.

    But that's not all. In addition to information about the owner, the Ministry of Communications offers to block access to the registry (full list) to hosters, Internet providers and website owners. In general, it is only proposed to provide access to sites to which these organizations or persons are directly related.

    An important addition is the intention to oblige providers to open access to sites that have been removed from the registry within 24 hours. Who should monitor the registry for the removal of sites from it is still unclear. As you know, now providers are obliged to block access to blacklisted sites during the day.

    And yes, the long debate about who should maintain the “black list” ended with the proposal to load third parties with this work, a third-party company. Roskomnadzor will receive the right to involve a company / organization selected by Roskomnadzor in this work.

    Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether amendments and additions will come into force, and if so, when.

    Via lenta

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