Notepad MacBANG! in your evernote

    Many of us willingly use Evernote to store all kinds of notes, records, articles, documents, video and audio materials, and so on. This is very convenient, because Evernote stores and provides access to your notes from the cloud, respectively, they are available to you always and everywhere. Access can be obtained in the browser, as well as in desktop or mobile clients. It does not make sense to specifically describe all the positive aspects of Evernote in this article, the service has been functioning for many years, many people know and work with Evernote every day.

    But not many people know that Evernote allows not only to store your notes, but also to access notebooks of other users of this service. The essence of the idea is as follows: a user who wants to share one of his Evernote notebooks makes this notebook shared and gives other users access to it via a link. A link can be formed for any notebook in the browser or in the desktop version of the client. After receiving such a link, you need to open it in a browser and add a shared notepad to your Evernote. Thus, each person can share their notebooks with other users of the Evernote service.

    The network has a lot of such common notebooks. Some notebooks are maintained professionally and are constantly updated, while some exist on pure altruism. Here the situation is reminiscent of the situation with blogs or sites. One way or another, this wonderful feature of the Evernote service will allow you to read notes of interesting people or companies. Moreover, the main thing is that by subscribing to such a general notebook, you do not reduce your space quota allocated by Evernote at your disposal. The connected shared notebook is available to you for reading in full, but the owner of this notebook is responsible for spending the space quota. This may be especially true for users of the free version of Evernote. After all, not everyone needs a premium account, many have enough monthly 60 MB and even remains, in fact, Evernote is good at that, which gives us the right to choose.

    MacBANG Magazine! has its own common notebook, accessible to all Evernote users. In our notebook, we publish various tricks, tricks, tips, reviews and much more related to the theme of Apple - our main theme of the magazine. To connect MacBANG! Logbook, you need to go to the following link:

    Next, you need to log in using your Evernote username and password and add the logbook to your service by clicking on the button "Connect notepad." After these steps, synchronization with our notebook will occur and in your account in the Notebooks section there will be another new notebook called “MacBANG Magazine!”.

    Now you can read and receive from us the latest and most interesting notes. Our notebook is updated daily, replenished with new interesting materials. Note that we do not publish news or any promotional materials in a notebook. This notebook is intended solely for tips, various tricks, reviews, or any other useful information regarding Apple technology and products, as well as MacBANG magazine itself! ..


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