HP has created a holographic screen. Almost

    Researchers from HP have created a small 3D screen, the image from which you can view without glasses. The prototype allows you to project 3D images that can be viewed from 200 different positions and videos (from 64 positions), visible from a distance of up to 1 meter.

    Of course, there are already devices on the market that can create 3D images for viewing without glasses, for example, Nintendo 3DS . But they use horizontal parallax and the three-dimensional effect disappears as soon as you look at the screen at the “wrong” angle.
    This development allows us to achieve an almost complete three-dimensional image, which can be viewed from different angles.

    The volumetric effect is achieved by applying special serifs to the surface of ordinary LCD pixels. Each such serif allows you to direct red, blue or green light in the right direction.

    Scientists believe that their development can be used to create interfaces of the future by projecting, for example, interface elements with which the user can interact as objects of the physical world.

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