4600mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 [HLI-I9300XL]

    Hello, Dear Khabravchians!

    Samsung Galaxy S III is a good and popular Android phone. On the well-known site GSM Arena, we tested its internal battery and got the following results : 1. 10 hours 20 minutes of continuous conversations 2. 5 hours 17 minutes of continuous web browsing. 3. 10 hours 1 minute of continuous playback of the video.

    For an Android phone, these are pretty good indicators. Despite this, last year we received a large number of letters from around the world asking us to create a high-capacity battery that would increase these figures by at least two times, since very many S3 fell in love because of its large screen and the ability to play HD games , watch movies and perform other HD graphic maneuvers, without being afraid to stay at zero at the most inopportune moment.

    At the moment, two high-capacity batteries are available for the Galaxy S3: 2300mAh standard size and 4600mAh large size.

    At the beginning, we always create a standard-size battery with a small increase in capacity for customers who prefer to keep the phone at its regular size. This may be due to aesthetic preferences, or the lack of need for a longer battery life.

    For Galaxy S3, this is a 2300mAh high-capacity battery , which increases capacity by 10% and fits into the regular compartment. Specifications: Article (SKU): HLI-I9300SL Battery type: Li-ION Voltage: 3.8v Capacity (mAh): 2300 Back cover: Not needed Replaces: EB-L1G6LLU (2100mAh) Additionally: NFC

    For users with more serious requests for operating time, we created a 4600mAh high-capacity battery , which was created in order to increase the phone’s operating time by an average of more than 2 times . Specifications: Article (SKU): HLI-I9300XL Battery type: Li-ION Voltage: 3.8v Capacity (mAh): 4600 Back cover: Included Replaces: EB-L1G6LLU (2100mAh) Additionally: NFC, Leather case included Accumulator capacity increased 2.19 times . The color of the back cover can be selected when ordering. 6 colors available today


    : Black, Brown, Gray, Blue, Red, White

    Video demonstration:

    The battery is our best seller and is available here .

    Information for bloggers and technical correspondents
    If you are seriously engaged in testing and reviews of hardware, you can contact us and request this battery for testing. To do this, contact me through my dmitrytool ID , or write a letter to dmitry@mugen.hk.
    Include the following information:
    1. Email
    2. Delivery address with a zip code
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