March hub meeting in Kiev

    March hub meeting in Kiev. Details under the cut.

    The meeting will be held on March 23 from 11:00 to 16:00 , in the coworking Chasopis on Sq. Lev Tolstoy. On Saturday (for those who climbed into the calendar):

    It is supposed to have seven reports (one is still being specified).
    List of speakers:
    Ilya Kovalevsky “What is Qt and what can be done with it”, Namespace
    Alexander Krakovetsky, “where is the money in mobile development?”, Sashaeve , MS MVP
    Denis Yaremov “Cryptography algorithms are simple and how to use them in practice for clients” , works at EPAM Systems Ukraine
    Sergey Zhimiruk “PRINCE2 project management methodologies: general overview and comparison with PMBOK”, PM at Ciklum
    Dmitry Kostyuk “Creating a cloud is personal experience”, kostyukdv , HostPro technical director
    Dmitry Bulanov “Directory services: standard solutions to non-standard tasks”, hb860 , MS MVP
    Andrey Cheredarchuk “HP-UX - a platform for a database server”, HP Ukraine
    Vladislav Kushnirov “ Client PCs in the post-PC era ”, a report on market trends in terms of user requirements, DELL Ukraine

    Online broadcasting here

    Be active and there will be more.
    The cost of the meeting is 100 UAH. Payment at the entrance, the time spent in the "Chasis" does not require additional payment (within the meeting + a little after).

    The easiest way to get on the metro is to Leo Tolstoy.

    Event for registration here

    Photos from previous meetings: klats , klats . Video from previous meetings

    Report from the seventh Hub meeting in Kiev. And also reports from the third , fourth , fifth and sixth.
    If you want to make a report and just who wants to share something interesting for 5 minutes, please contact me (skype, mail, drugs).

    Thank you for your help in organizing the meetings of the MUK Group of Companies (VAD IT Distributor in Ukraine). Each time they helped with video and photography, and further plan to actively participate in meetings.
    They will also conduct an online broadcast of reports for us.
    The meetings were both informal and will be informal (this is their essence), but if your company has something to share with the community, you can tell about interesting and rare projects, share something secret - you are welcome.

    Speakers are looking for application development, talk about their own projects, security.
    Email for communication:

    Come, bring, sit, chat ...

    PS Those who register and do not come should be ashamed. Please do not be late.

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