Starcraft II Heart Of The Swarm opening online teleconference

It is strange that on Habré nobody mentioned this grandiose event. But in terms of scale, it is not inferior (or perhaps even superior) to the ceremony of starting sales of new Windows, Osx, etc. The number of people participating and following the Starcraft II HoTS is huge. I suggest you join the broadcast ...

So, today the sales of the new version of Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm will start! Crowds of fans around the world have already filled the venues in anticipation of the following:

1) at the main European ceremony, the best world-class players (among them - WhiteRA from Ukraine!) Will come together in demonstration matches
2) an online teleconference in many regions. In the European Region - the teleconference will be in 4 languages, including Russian ...
3) interviews with game developers
4) comment on the broadcasts - the world's best SC commentators (Husky, Day9, etc.)
5) and just a good show ...

Watch the broadcast!

PS corrected the link in the post to a more correct one

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