RemoteAll - Mobile Screen Management Technology

The idea of ​​controlling screens is not new - mice, keyboards, movie screens, and many, many, many, more.
The prerequisites for creating a new management interface were as follows:
  • The speed of the Internet is equal to the speed of light ... even more (fiber with several modes)
  • Internet accessibility strives for 100% in all 4 dimensions - anywhere, anytime
  • The number of mobile devices has almost exceeded the population of homo sapiens ...

So what can be done with such premises?

Perhaps the technologies presented here already exist, and this one will not become anything new (although it should not) ... however, it was developed without “spying” and impudent plagiarism on the basis of freely distributed ones, of which it itself is.

My girlfriend says:
I only need the Internet - I do not want to download and install anything ...
and I agree with her! In general, it sometimes seems to me that the laziness that lives in every consumer of information technologies (games, programs, services) will make wizards out of developers who are able to create everything that their heart desires from a normal browser!

But now is not about that, but about how to please your beloved, who does not understand how the AppStore, PlayMarket and the rest are not very complicated services !? But soon March 8!

What we have?

And we have a screen and a phone, but there is no keyboard, remote control, joystick, touchpad! .. oh and yes ... we have a whim: “I only need the Internet - I don't want to download and install anything”

What do we want?

We want to connect the screen and the phone for interactive control of the first and second.

How do we want it?

  • Download nothing from any Store
  • We do not install anything
  • We get the control from the mobile device through its browser



Omitting the development details, we get: where you can control your own UFO right now! Favorite was delighted. The goal is achieved!


Areas of use

In general, the development was made for operational needs (SmartTV Remote Controller for managing a single VOD application), however, as it turned out, the related fields of application are so vast that colleagues recommended moving on!
  • Games with a dynamic control panel - buttons can change on the go
  • SmartTV remote for any screen and any Phone with the possibility of introducing interactive functionality (playlist, program guide)
  • Keyboard for remote screen


Few principles

  • Control of any screen or application connected to the Internet (TV, PC, Tab ... flying airplane model, if it is connected to the Internet)
  • The lack of additional applications for the implementation of the remote - only the browser
  • The appearance of the control is limited by the imagination of the developer and the browser
  • The response time is adequate even for dynamic applications - up to 1ms

... and lastly, what's inside

The documentation seems to be understandable and simple, but no one refuses to answer all questions.

Thanks for attention! And warm spring to you!

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