TechCrunch Mobile Barcelona Meetup 2013

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Tonight in Barcelona, ​​TechCrunch in conjunction with and Wayra will host the Mobile World Congress and TechCrunch Mobile Barcelona meetup. Visitors and participants will not be bored. Interesting startups, venture investors, mentors, as well as TechCrunch journalists have already arrived at the event. In general, the program is very rich and interesting. The official hashtag of the #TCMB event .

Speakers include former Skype COO Michael Jackson of Mangrove Capital Partners, Roberto Bonanzinga of Balderton Capital and Oriol Juncosa, and VC of Spain's major investment funds such as Nauta Capital, StartupBootCamp and Caixa Capital Risc.

8 teams will take part in pitches.

OpenSignal - London

OpenSignal is an application that helps users receive a good signal on a mobile phone, recognizes free Wi-Fi access points nearby, and also shows a coverage map with data on the signal strength of various mobile operators.

Tellyo - Helsinki

Tellyo is a startup that allows you to share interesting moments from a TV show on social networks and thereby attract new viewers.

Bug Sence - Athens

The mission of this startup is to establish quality standards for mobile applications, and identify problems in their work. Thus, compiling statistics, BugSence allows you to create better apps.

BePark - Belgium

This mobile application allows you to find a parking space in a major city. Yes, and not just find, but also find out the exact number and location of empty seats, see photos, price, and even pay for this same parking lot via call / SMS or application.

AudioSnaps - Barcelona

The guys offer a new approach to photos, their application allows you to take pictures with sound, and the output is a JPEG file (the new format is already patented). When viewing such an image, the user in full colors can imagine the moment at which the picture was taken.

Shpock - Vienna.

Shpock or Shop in your POCKet (a store in your pocket) is a mobile application for iOS and Android. The application is a variant of the flea market on the network. Users by viewing geo-targeted photos can search, view, buy and sell thousands of products from their favorite shirt to the outdated PlayStation.

Bizzcall - Madrid

The startup is from a team of entrepreneurs that has long established itself in the international market in the field of digital platforms, having created Lextrend 5 years ago. Now the guys are offering Bizzcall - this is a new generation application that allows you to use one phone for both business / corporate and personal calls.

Pocket United - Munich

The application is a new word in mobile payments, which allows you to share expenses, bills and debts between friends right on the go, using only a smartphone. The social component of a startup helps to increase the responsibility of paying users, because not only they, but also their friends will see debts and accounts ...

Appscend - Romania

Appscend is the world's first mobile platform, sharpened for maximum performance. It is a single cloud infrastructure that combines the most effective technologies for analysis, development, and application management.

Vilynx - Barcelona and Menlo Park

Another startup that records the wonderful moments of your life and makes them accessible from different devices, and also allows you to easily and quickly find the necessary thumbnail. But this time it’s not about photos, but about 5-second videos that are automatically uploaded to the cloud (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, YouTube etc). No more video files will be lost! A simple and functional interface can easily share videos on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

PixelPin Ltd - London

It is scientifically proven that people remember pictures better than words. Scientists call this the Picture Superiority Effect (PSE). PixelPin is built on the same principle, the application uses PSE and allows you to forget about the standard passwords, using only instant photos for user authentication. We are waiting for a new generation of smartphones ...

PASSNFLY - Barcelona

PASSNFLY is the easiest way to check in for an airline flight. The application bank has more than 200 major airlines. - San Francisco

This is a startup that will help you to have a good lunch, connecting you with interesting people using LinkedIn accounts.

Did you see anything new? Do you think copycats will appear in Russia? Or maybe someone already knows the analogs?

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