KillMePls website closed by Roskomnadzor

    Website KillMePls.Ru is a collection of stories sent by readers. It is known that there are a lot of such collections on the modern Internet (“ IT happens ”, Zadolba! Whether ”,It's not about you ”, Scary stories, etc.),but they differ in the accepted direction, that is, the thematic of the stories. So on the website KillMePls (the name of which in English means “kill me, please”) people sent their stories, by force of life circumstances, brought to the extreme degree of despair and willingness to part with life, and almost every such story was completed by the author asking him to kill yourself. Confessions of suicide preparedness were also frequent, sometimes quite detailed.

    Roskomnadzor couldn’t, of course, pass by such a site without protecting the Internet from information that could harm innocent little children. Once again, if not all the inhabitants of Russia, then at least all the clients of Rostelecom, Beeline and dozens of other providers guided by the Russian state “ black list ” were in the role of juvenile nonsense : February 24 (the day before) KillMePls ended up in this the list has been added, as reported yesterday by the article “Rospotrebnadzor heard and killed” on Roem.Ru, the title of which contains a rather witty joke (“heard and killed”) about the name of the site, and at the same time mentions Rospotrebnadzor as the initiator of the ban, executed Roskomnadzor. (Indeed, decisions about the fact that a certain site contains “suicide propaganda” are made by employees of the former sanitary-epidemiological stations; I forgot, completely forgot that this twist was mentioned earlier on Habrahabr.)

    According to Alexandra Lavrentieva (owner of the KillMePls project) on Roem, they report that the mechanism for notifying hosting owners in the law before blacklisting the site has failed again: the site is on a foreign hosting (in full accordance with the wise manual “ 9, 5 rules for maintaining a secure IT business in Russia ”), so there was nothing for the hoster to expect to understand the letter in the language of the Russian authorities, not to forward this letter to the host site.

    The next step of the ruthless totalitarian attack on the Internet was marked by the victory of the state. Since "the KillMePls site is closed by Roskomnadzor" - pentameteric iambic, then you can even hum it on the motive of the first line from the Song of Horst Wessel.

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