3Doodler pen allows you to draw three-dimensional objects in the air

    What happens if you take the print head of a regular 3D printer for ABS plastic and put it in a compact case that fits comfortably in your hand? You get a pen that can literally write and draw not only on paper, but right in the air. The 3Doodler project , launched yesterday on February 19, on Kickstarter, has already collected more than half of the required amount in a few hours.

    For writing, standard 3 mm plastic rods are used. One meter of raw material is enough for more than 10 meters of the finished line. Plastic hardens almost instantly, which allows you to draw without support, by weight. In addition, you can draw on any flat (or curved) surface - the finished drawings are easily separated from the paper, and “welded” to the plastic quite firmly. One of the possible applications of 3Doodle is minor repair of plastic parts and decor of any plastic products.

    A pen weighs less than 200 grams, a pre-order on Kickstarter will cost $ 75 (two sets of colored plastic bars are included in the package). 3Doodle supports two speeds of "printing" - for quickly filling large areas and for delicate work. The creators claim that you can adapt to create simple shapes in a couple of hours, and drawing on a plane does not require any special skills.

    With a 3D pen, you can not only “write by hand”. From the3doodler.com website you can download parts templates for printing on paper, which can be “circled” separately, and then assembled into a three-dimensional structure as a designer. The authors of the project hope that the library of templates will be constantly updated by users, and will contain many hundreds and thousands of models.

    UPD: In the two hours that have passed since the publication of this article (and less than a day after the start of the crowdfunding campaign), the necessary $ 30,000 has been raised. The authors promise interesting additional goals if they manage to collect 75,000, but so far they don’t say which ones.

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