Free JetBrains Education Software


    Many students are interested in whether JetBrains has free training licenses. It is time to clarify.

    If you are a student and want to use our products for education, you should know: we have classroom licenses, which are absolutely free, which we provide to all educational institutions. With their help, students are free to use all our products without restrictions on functionality.

    Such a license allows the installation of appropriate applications on any number of computers and allows any number of users. It is forbidden only to transfer licenses to third parties (as well as fourth, fifth and following them) and create commercial applications (i.e., sell for money the result of their work in the application, the license for which you were given a free license).

    If you want to use our products for training, and classroom licenses are not yet used at your university or institute, ask teachers to contact us at The license is issued only in the name of the employee of the educational institution. It’s good if the teacher immediately tells you in a letter exactly what courses licenses are needed for, the full name of the educational institution, the department and the full list of products that students want to use.

    Learn with pleasure!

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