Update Meizu MX and Meizu MX2 to Flyme 2.1.1

    Greetings to you, Habralyudi! Recently, there was a post on our blog about the release of a test firmware for Meizu MX, and soon a fresh test version of the firmware with Flyme 2.1.1 for Meizu MX2 based on Android 4.1.1 appeared. So, in China now they are celebrating New Years in the whole and the final versions of the firmware are likely to appear only by the end of February. We decided not to drag on for so long and tell you about the updates in these firmwares now, as well as post here the latest versions of test firmware for the most curious. If you are interested, welcome to cat.

    This brief instruction is valid for Meizu MX and Meizu MX2. Links to the firmware are given below:

    Test version of the new firmware (build 7897) for Meizu MX [ dropbox ] [ mega ][ Yandex.disk ]
    Test version of the new firmware (build 8199) for Meizu MX2 [ dropbox ] [ mega ] [ Yandex.disk ]

    Download the update.zip archive , then you need to drop it into the root folder of the smartphone without unpacking. Next, turn off the device and turn it back on, holding the Volume Up + Power buttons simultaneously . A firmware update window will appear. It is recommended to check the box next to the “Clear Data simultaneously” line, the device will clear the memory when updating (so it’s better to backup), but after the update there will be less chance that the firmware will become unstable. Next you need to click the Upgrade buttonand wait about a minute, the update process will take about so long. The smartphone will reboot, “think” a little and, all, the process of updating the firmware is completed.

    And now briefly about the changes in the firmware. For clarity, the changes in the firmware for MX and MX2 are described separately, in each case, a screenshot is given on the left of how the interface looked before, on the right, what it looked like after updating the smartphone to Flyme 2.1.1.

    Innovations in Meizu MX

    Lock screen . The new firmware slightly modified the lock screen. First, you can now quickly jump to the camera by simply swiping your finger left or right across the screen. Secondly, in Meizu the digital clock and date were modified, their appearance became more similar to that in the Meizu MX2 smartphone.

    When charging and playing music, the control panel and battery icon slightly changed.

    Status bar.After unlocking, a decreasing status bar is immediately noticeable. Meizu decided to minimize its size in order to provide the user with more free space in applications. Many may be upset due to missing battery numbers, but don't worry. This option is now enabled in the screen settings. When opening the curtain, you can notice that a new switch has appeared - enable / disable the screen auto-rotate.

    Menu of running applications. Let me remind you that in Flyme OS, the latest applications are called up by long pressing the right touch button. The updated version has a button for quick access to settings, as well as a progress bar with adjustable screen brightness, as in Meizu MX2.

    Desktops.Like MX2, MX now has the ability to add widgets directly from desktops. Adding is done with a long tap on the screen. Icons have also changed slightly, now they look similar to the icons in MX2.

    Separate location settings menu. Now you can choose for yourself which location tools to use (GPS, Wi-Fi and / or network readings).

    Video. At first glance, the video player has become simpler, but this is not so. All player controls moved to gestures. Using gestures left / right, you can control playback, a gesture up / down on the left edge is responsible for adjusting the volume, on the right - for the brightness of the screen.

    Screenshots To take screenshots now you need to use the standard key combinationTurn on + volume down , instead of the previously used Turn on + Home button.

    Innovations in Meizu MX2

    The Meizu MX2 smartphone has also received an update to version Flyme 2.1.1. Now we can say that Meizu made a new universal version of Flyme for all devices. But if in the first MX the update is global (the interface has become more modern and fresh), then in the case of MX2 we are talking about a small "update" with several important changes.

    Camera. One of the important points of the work that the developers are currently working on is improving the camera and improving the quality of the final pictures. In the new test version of sewing (8199), the noise in the pictures was slightly reduced, the quality and focusing accuracy were improved (users had justified complaints about the MX2 autofocus) and the white balance system, the smartphone was less likely to make mistakes with the BB settings when shooting. Status bar.

    If we talk about visual changes, then it is worth noting the changed status bar - as in the update for the first MX, it has become more compact. Now to display the percentage you need to put a checkmark in the settings. Honestly, not everyone likes this change, we and many users, both in Russia and China, consider the double line a Flyme counter. Moreover, the assembly of the final version of the test firmware with a line from Flyme 2.0 (double) has already appeared on the Meizu Chinese forum - which also clearly demonstrates the reluctance of some owners of Meizu MX2 to lose this chip. It is hoped that the people responsible for approving the final version of the firmware at the company's head office will nevertheless take a step backward in this regard. But maybe the string will remain single. Along with the decrease in the height of the status bar, the indentation from the bottom of the extreme row of icons with the browser icon in the center increased. This change also raises questions (in my opinion, the indentation in the old Flyme looked neater), but by the time the final version of the firmware is released, it can still change.

    Menu of running applications. The appearance of the menu of running applications has changed slightly and the speed of its launch has increased. To close all programs, use the “cross” in the right corner of this menu, and if you need to close applications one at a time, you can simply swipe them off the panel.

    The color of the SmartBar has also changed from dark gray to close to black. But this is a minor change.

    PS All the described innovations are indicated on the basis of test versions of the firmware, by the time the final versions are released, some of the points may change. Remember that you download and install test firmware at your own risk.

    News in brief:

    Since February 18, the cost of Meizu MX 4-core smartphones has been reduced:
    Meizu MX 32 GB - 15 500 rubles (old price - 17 997) ( link to the smartphone page in the store )
    Meizu MX 64 GB - 17 500 rubles (old price - 19 997) ( link to the page of the smartphone in the store )
    When you purchase any of these smartphones, a protective film on the screen and a branded Meizu EP20S headset as a gift.

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