R language cheat sheet

    Many have heard about R, a programming language and statistical computing system. The language is very popular abroad, but in Russia, unfortunately, relatively little is written in it. Yes, and resources in Russian can be counted on the fingers. I believe that the situation needs to be somehow corrected.
    On the official website there is such a wonderful thing as R reference card . The basic R packages contain many very useful features that make programming really fast and concise. But beginners, as a rule, do not know most of the most beautiful functions. And there’s no way to find out - the manuals are very large, few people read them completely. But the R reference card allows you to make a quick journey through the basic functionality and make a lot of useful things for yourself.
    I decided to translate this wonderful document into Russian. But not just translate, but make it a little better. I changed the structuring a bit, put a link to the documentation for each function, removed redundant descriptions.
    I suggest you familiarize yourself with the result . Ready for any comments and suggestions to make this list even better. I hope that this R review will be useful to many people who decide to start writing in this beautiful language.
    I would also like to say a few words about packages. There are a lot of packages in R. Only in the standard repository of them 4300+. Unfortunately, many useful packages are little known, because nobody writes anything about them. No, of course there are manuals. But the manuals come in handy for the most part when you are already using the package, and you, for example, need to clarify some nuances in using the function or something like that. But the overview impression of the package on the manual is not so easy to get.
    In addition, it often saddens me that there are no pictures in the manuals. To really understand what this or that function draws, you need to start each example with pens.
    Therefore, in the foreseeable future, I plan to compile popular descriptions (with pictures and examples) of some useful packages. Reviews will be posted here. I'll start with the packages that I use myself, but if you have applications for some packages that you like, then I ask in the comments.

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