VDI & APP-V 5.0 & RDS Windows Server 2012 from ex-Microsoft architect

    What good is an ex-Microsoft employee (Senior Architect)? He can already say whatever he wants. And today Alexey Kibkalo will share his secrets.

    We offer to listen and watch the webinar recording. The following topics were covered in an hour and a half:

    What's new in Remote Desktop Services 2012?
    • Scenario-based deployment
    • Remote Desktop Management Server
    • Remote Desktop Session Host, what's new in terminal farms
    • New in Remote Desktop Virtualization Host: Collections, Templates
    • User Profile Disks - for terminals and VDI
    • Remote Desktop Connection Broker - Scalability and Flexibility
    • Remote Desktop Web Access - HTML5, can I access from iPad?
    • Remote Desktop Gateway
    • Remote Desktop Licensing
    • Certificate Implementation for Single Sign On
    • Metro Remote Desktop Client
    • Remote Desktop Client 6.2 - for Windows 7 and 8
    • Major changes to the RDP 8.0 protocol

    What's new in APP-V 5.0?
    • APP-V Development
    • New data format, virtual packet size
    • Web Based Management
    • Interaction between virtual and real packages
    • User Settings
    • Updating packages and making changes
    • Migration from 4.6 to 5.0
    • App-V Shared Content Store - Where Shared Cache Evolved

    What is UE-V - Introduction

    Because I opened the webinar, then with the permission of the author Akibkalo , I post it. But the author’s comment will be the first, so with questions - welcome.

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