Brikstarter or “Two of the casket, identical from the face”

    For starters, I have to make a small introduction about Kickstarter. For whom it is not interesting, please skip a few paragraphs.

    Probably everyone already understands what possibilities a creative person Kikstarter understands - to launch his innovative project without the exhausting search for funds for its implementation. Without wandering around the banks, without lengthy, and often unsuccessful, searches for business angels and waiting for answers from venture capitalists that they are not interested in your project at such a degree of implementation.
    However, not everyone still understands that for a successful kickstarter project launch it’s not enough to have a brilliant idea. You need to work hard to prepare the project for the start. You need to create a good video and reasonably present your idea in text form before inviting visitors to the site to buy your product before it even starts production. To increase the chance of a positive result, you need a valid device prototype or a demo of your game.
    As you know, on Kickstarter, the sale of your product takes place in the form of publishing bets (lots) that customers (backers) agree to pay. A bid is essentially an opportunity to buy your products and accessories to it a little cheaper than it will cost when it goes on sale. This attracts the attention of customers and forces them to purchase your product before it appears on the market, and you, in turn, get the funds necessary to establish production. Accurately calculating the size of bets in order to interest beckers and at the same time not to be at a loss is not an easy task, especially taking into account logistics!
    In addition, you assign the minimum amount that you plan to collect and the time that is required for this. The amount should be high enough to cover both the costs of production and delivery and the costs of remuneration for bets. In addition, throughout the entire period of fundraising, you must warm up the interest of the backers by regularly posting additional information about your product, and on the progress of the preparation for production, to answer their many questions. Yes, do not forget that before you bring the product to the site, you need to take care of creating a legal entity in the United States or England, under the "roof" of which funds will be raised. It will be very difficult to count on success if you do not have your own website on which the product is presented. And finally, the chances of success are greatly enhanced by the company to warm up interest among potential customers, which should begin before the start of the project. To do this, you need to prepare press releases and find supporters of your product on thematic forums ...
    If you have done all of the above, then there will be no losers during the project: you get money to finance your great idea without losing anything, and buyers get an excellent product at a low price before it even appears on the market. (Of course, Kickstarter himself receives a small percentage, but this game is worth the candle). Of course, provided that the idea was really great and you could meet the deadline.
    Since all of the above is very difficult to do for one person, you need a team of like-minded people plus some initial capital. But what if there are no teams of professionals and enthusiasts? Either create this team, or use someone else's services.
    Considering how quickly crowdfunding is gaining momentum, and collection amounts exceeding a million dollars are no longer too amazing, it’s not surprising that intermediaries began to appear, promising to provide all possible assistance and simplify your work for a modest (or not so) bribe. I recently came across one of these offices on the Internet and I want to talk about it. It is called Brikstarter, in the future I will write in Russian - brickstarter. I

    immediately warn you that this in no way is their advertising. On the contrary, their activities somewhat confuse me. They launched their project in the summer, and I have not yet noticed a single large success story on their website. Here's what the project page looks like. I am not impressed with the abundance of information.

    So what do the hot English guys offer us? I quote.

    “We will provide a full range of services and you can just relax, Brickstarter will do everything for you, although most still prefer to actively participate in the implementation of the idea, and this is the right position! Anyway, here is the list of what you will get:
    Complete design - we will implement your idea and turn the idea into a completely finished product of a
    CAD model - you will receive CAD models for the production and prototyping of a
    3D model - each Kickstarter project must have a 3D model . Fortunately, we have an Objet 3D printer in our office to create them.
    Calculation of funds - we will calculate the amount that you need to collect in order to cover all expenses and help you set the right goals
    Video of your product - the most successful projects on Kickstarter have video support. And you will have one too. ”

    And what will be required of you in return for your hectic activity?
    There are only three things:
    Down payment. Its amount is unknown and depends on the complexity of the project and the volume of services provided. Upon their assertion, it begins with several hundred pounds. The upper boundary is apparently determined only by their imagination.
    Further. In case of a successful fundraising, you will have to pay 10 percent of the money received during the kickstarting fees.
    And finally, the last “trifle”. It is necessary to give 10 percent of the shares of your company or 10 percent of the output to their management, I hope this is not about the products as a whole, but about the amount that you issue as a reward to the project backers.

    To summarize.

    On the one hand, with small initial investments, the guys promise to spend most of the development for you, prepare a video and a website, but on the other hand, you will have to pay a considerable price for this.
    If we assume that you are launching a new game on the market, having only an ingenious scenario, probably such conditions can be tempting. They will do everything for you, making a virtual copy of the game and sending it by mail or downloading from the server does not cost a penny ... Well, or it costs a penny, and you are breaking a lot of money.
    But now suppose that you have a technological project and you undertook to make a certain device. First you pay them a fee. Then about 10 percent will have to be covered by Kickstarter and Amazon. Then 10 percent of the amount for the guys with money and another 10 percent for “greyhound puppies”. It remains to calculate how much it will go for logistics and taxes ... And at what price do you really need to offer the product to the beckers so that you can save money for even a bottle of good whiskey?
    Personally, it reminds me of the good old children's cartoon “Two of the casket are the same from the face”, or rather the words of Vovochka, the main character (not to be confused with the eponymous character of today's BIG politics): “And what will you be for me?”

    By the way, who is the movie not I saw a link here, look not regret it.

    But the guys from Brickstarter see it in a completely different way:
    “Brickstarter will help you at every new stage in the development of your project. All that is required of you is to share your idea, we will do the rest for you. All this will cost you very cheaply: instead of spending thousands for the promotion of your project, contact us, we will do everything for virtually nothing. This is due to the fact that we take tax on rates, instead of prepayment. Risks and guarantees: since we take most of the risk, your success is our success, so we guarantee absolute success ... otherwise we will also be left with nothing.
    Like mother goose, we release goslings from the nest and let them fight for their own existence. We take a ten percent share of the product, but in the end you are in full control of the situation. Thanks to this system, you can start your business from scratch and carry out everything with minimal cost. ”

    What do you think, which of us is closer to the truth? Do such projects have the right to life, what set of services and on what conditions should they provide in order to be popular?

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