Box distributes 50 GB for new users - mysterious "Dell" promotion

    “Yes, of course, I love Dell. I have been using Dell for many years. I listen to Adele, after all. Please give me 50 GB.

    Still looking for a warm place in the cloud to store files? Today is your day!
    One of the most popular cloud storages announces a share of unprecedented generosity and offers 50 GB to each new registered user.

    Nuance: the registration page says "Dell Exclusive Offer" , but there is no explanation about this. Whether you have to register with a Dell computer or work in the company of the same name is unclear. However, what difference does it make to us? On normal days, Box offers beginners only 5GB of space if you register for a free account.

    The offer on the registration page is as follows: "Get 50GB of Box FREE for Life & 50GB for Coworkers or Friends" , and of course, "Register now to get 50GB + secure access to your files from anywhere in the world"
    There is no additional information about how long the action will last, so if you are interested in the offer, it’s better to hurry up and click “Sign Up”.

    Box has held similar promotions more than once, but for those users who downloaded the Box app for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and WebOS. Last February, for example, the company offered50 GB of free file storage space in honor of launching your Android application. By the way, at the beginning of this week, Box handed out to new users only 25 GB just like that, without downloads.

    Box seems to be just a wizard to tempt users - who can resist such offers?

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