API based job vacancy widget

    Friends, many of you may have noticed that a vacancy widget appeared in our blog on Habré to the right of posts. We made it to make it easier for you to follow job offers in the field of information technology. The widget uses our API , open to all.

    We tried to set the most interesting criteria for selecting vacancies. For example, it issues only offers from employers with attractive salaries - at least 90-100 thousand rubles.

    Here we will rely on the standard parameters of the hh.ru search query .

    Keywords that must be present in the job title:“Programmer”, “Developer”, “Developer”, “Timlid”, “Teamlead”, “Team lead”, “Tester”, “Analyst”, “Consultant”, “Project manager”, “IT Planning”, “IT director ”,“ IT Director ”,“ IT Director ”,“ IT Director ”,“ Technical Director ”,“ CTO ”,“ Chief Technical Officer ”,“ Engineer ”,“ Engineer ”,“ Architect ”,“ Usability ”, “Director of IT Department”, “Data mining”, “System Analyst”, “Architect”, “Programmer”, “Interface”, “Innovation”, “Testing”, “QA”.
    Such strict filtering by keywords in vacancies allows you to make the delivery as relevant as possible and minimize the appearance of extraneous vacancies.

    Professional area of ​​search: "Information Technology, Internet, Telecom".

    Search Region:sampling is done in all major cities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

    Salary level: from 100 000 rub., Vacancies without the specified salary are not displayed. If the salary is indicated in a currency other than rubles, to be displayed in the widget, it is converted into rubles at the Central Bank rate on the day of viewing.

    Required employer work experience, work schedule and type of employment: does not matter.

    Jobs are sorted by publication date: the offer of recruitment agencies and vacancies available for people with disabilities also fall into the widget. Premium vacancies are shown on general terms.

    The special subtlety of filtering vacancies:since a couple of months ago on hh.ru the opportunity was introduced to publish the same vacancy in different cities (it’s convenient when the company is looking for a rare specialist and considers candidates from different cities, offering assistance in moving, or when the company has several jobs of the same type in different cities), this also affected the work of the API. Therefore, in order to avoid the appearance of the same vacancy, only in different cities on several screens, we filter everything except the very first publication by date, or if it is in Moscow (St. Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk), then it is displayed.

    We hope that we were able to give you a convenient tool for monitoring the labor market. In the near future - the ability to customize your own issuance and a new widget with market statistics. If you have ideas for developing this topic, we will be happy to hear.

    By the way, the same widget with vacancies and even greater opportunities (own search bar, it is also quite realistic to implement a market monitoring system where vacancies will be collected and analyzed according to different criteria in dynamics) according to the described scheme, any competent specialist can do it. For example, here's how they approached the task in Pravo.ru. But stay tuned, because soon a new version of the API will be available.

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