Lytro: new firmware and promising Perspective Shift

    Habravchane, I welcome you. It may seem that today the day of the groundhog, in fact today an unusual day , day of another Lytro camera view. True, this time everything is shown in the video and this time Lytro with the new firmware and the new Perspective Shift function.

    In order not to load you with information again, I give links to all the reviews I have found: at a glance , in detail about the technology , Lytro without Lytro .

    On December 4th, Lytro released a new version of the software for its only mass product. The firmware brought only two innovations:

    1. Photo filters a la Instagram


    2. Function Perspective Shift ("shift of perspective")

    I think that few people are interested in filters, so immediately to Perspective Shift. The function allows you to change the viewing angle of an already taken image taken by the camera. Unfortunately, it can be changed slightly, but the effect of liveliness from this is present. In addition, it makes it possible to feel the depth of the image.

    Here are some examples made by me (right-click and drag):



    (I wanted to embed in the article, Habr does not allow it)

    The rest of the photos that came as a result of a short walk through the center of Moscow can be viewed here . And other interesting works are present in the official gallery on

    Those who are interested in learning more about Lytro, and at the same time too lazy to read previous reviews, and then somehow synchronize it with information about the new firmware, I advise you to watch the video.

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