ImageCMS 4.2: Patсh

    Hello! In this publication, we will talk about the additions and revisions of the ImageCMS 4.2 system that we have been working on for the past two weeks.

    In the Shop and Corporate versions, the developers made the following changes:
    • gallery edits, usability optimization
    • in the admin panel, you can now specify for whom the site will be available if it is turned off in the settings;
    • at the request of users, we included the TinyMCE editor in the distribution kit - choose between eІRTE and TinyMCE. At the moment, the alternative editor is functioning in beta mode, we plan to continue development if the functionality takes root. In addition, there is also “Native textarea”, but we recommend using the above editors.

    We also fixed errors in the system:
    • filter error on the list of orders in the admin panel;
    • in categories - incorrect output of the custom template ;
    • error in displaying shipping costs
    • a bug in the admin panel - if the product was available in several copies, the quantity of goods was not taken into account;
    • an error in the amount of the gift certificate (exceeded the order amount);
    • error in the withdrawal of goods - in orders their quantity was displayed several times;
    • problems displaying the meta description field on the product page;
    • bug in the “Sending letters” module - the name of the groups was not displayed;
    • fixed incorrect switching of tabs on the admin panel main page;
    • fixed store cleaning during installation without demo data.

    We invite you to try the innovations in practice! Leave feedback and suggestions in the comments!

    PS Recall: ImageCMS Corporate is a free OpenSource site development and management system whose functionality solves 95% of typical problems for corporate sites.
    ImageCMS Shop - a system for the professional development of online stores with advanced features.

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