Virtual deposits in all Internet banks

    Greetings to you, reader!
    I am a client of Raiffeisen Bank, which proudly announces that their Internet bank is the best bank of 2008. Apparently, in order not to lose this title, they persistently do not develop anything. In some Internet banks, a service of cost planning appears (analogy to “Budget and goals” in ZenMoney or GNU Cache, also known as “Virtual deposit”).

    Considering that creating a browser extension for JavaScript now takes a couple of minutes, and the data from the extensions can be synchronized without the need to raise your server, it turned out that the solution will be working and simple.
    I offer you your extension for Chromium and its derivatives.
    This is how Raiffeisen’s Internet Banking began to look after installing the extension:

    at least everything I need is here.
    It can also be transferred to any other Internet bank in no more than 10 minutes.
    It is possible to calculate the “Load” - this term I mean the minimum monthly payment that needs to be deferred in order to achieve all goals.
    Of course, there are some restrictions and, possibly, even bugs, but at least I get to work with the current version perfectly.

    The purpose of this text seems to me as follows:
    - if you are also a client of Raiffeisen Bank, you can try this extension by installing in the developer mode,
    - if If you think that this application will be useful to you, but you have a different bank, you can pick up the sources , play around and send a pull request.
    - if you have any interesting ideas, share! Maybe it will even turn out a sold product, from which I will share part of the proceeds :-)

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