January 25, 1915: first transcontinental call

    Many years ago, on January 25, 1915, Alexander Graham Bell launched a transcontinental (in this context, a call from one end of the continent to another) telephone service by calling his assistant, Thomas Watson, in San Francisco from New York. The call was made on a line with a length of 5470 kilometers (the line was not laid in a straight line), which was, of course, a record at that time.

    The first call was also made by Bell, October 9, 1876 (photo of this event - below).

    Then no one thought that telephone communications would be what, in the end, will unite people around the globe. Indeed, thanks to stationary telephone lines, the Internet has appeared, if not in every house, then in hundreds of thousands of houses and offices.

    In general, what is there to talk about the importance of the phone in the formation of the modern world of communications. Every representative of the habrasociety understands all this. The date of 98 years is not entirely “round”, but such an event simply cannot be missed.

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