CES 2013 shows Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Ubuntu Phone OS

    The news that Ubuntu released its own mobile operating system was recently published on Habré. Many have wondered (and are still wondering) what the system looks like and whether it is convenient to work with it. To at least dispel the rumors and show those interested in the real capabilities of the system, Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical, showed Ubuntu Phone OS on CES 2013 using Samsung Galaxy Nexus as a working device.

    At the end of February, the developers promise to post open-source firmware images for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus so that any user of this device can try Ubuntu Phone OS at work. So far, the system is not completely ready, but what already exists looks pretty good.

    As mentioned earlier, the system will be able to work not only on powerful mobile devices, but also on relatively weak, low-cost devices. This system can be used on smartphones, tablets, and televisions.

    And here, in fact, the video:

    And a couple of videos from those that were posted during the announcement of the system:

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