-90% piracy on iOS or Hackulos closes

Good day.

Most iOS users, having made a Jailbreak for themselves, in addition to the opportunity to put various beautiful themes and chips like tweaks, also get the opportunity to install paid applications for free.
For this, a whole range of applications worked, closely related to each other.


This was possible thanks to Hackulos.us, who released a package which, in my opinion, should be installed almost in the first place (for lovers of freebies naturally): AppSync
It allowed you to install hacked applications and also synchronize them with Tuna.

The second key thing the mobile pirate needed was Installous. It allowed you to search, download and install these very hacked applications without unnecessary manipulation and complexity of the type of transferring a program from a computer to a device and installing them through the console on the device. Of course, you could use applications like iFunBox, but this also required extra gestures.

Installous itself was a bridge between AppSync and another Hackulous project: AppTrackr.org - all the programs were uploaded here and downloaded from here. The service was extremely convenient: just like Installous, it could search, download (pick up a piece of bread from the developers), show a description, version and list of changes, but it was a little more convenient due to the fact that it was an Internet service.

This circuit worked like a clock, but one day it was all over ...

the end

Quite suddenly, Hackulous decided to close her shop on December 30, 2012, thereby putting iOS application piracy on her knees.

Here is a message you can see on the main page of the Hackulous blog.

Briefly there it is reported that the forum began to receive much fewer visitors and the entire remaining mess is difficult to maintain in the previous state by the administration of the resource.
Since that time, AppTrackr does not open, Installous, upon exit, also politely asks to exit (without options).

So three projects died right away: AppSync, Installous, AppTrackr. And of course, after such losses, piracy will decrease significantly.

Why 90%?

Hackulous was leading the way in keeping piracy up to standard, but not the only one. All other third-party app stores are still there.
Along with the projects themselves, their repository also died, but deleting it does not mean that you need to remove AppSync and Installous in an instant, they can all be installed as well.

Although this grandiose fiasco for all lovers of freebies will be an occasion to think about shopping in the AppStore, for others it can become a “Challange accepted” and the great community of freebies + jailbrokers will again take up raising the level of piracy to former heights.

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