What kind of pirates? Hollywood set a box office record

    Box office in American cinemas in 2012 set a new historic record: $ 10.8 billion , exceeding last year's figure by 6.2%. There are no figures on foreign collections yet, recently they have exceeded the American ones.

    It is important that this was achieved without increasing prices, but by increasing the number of tickets sold. Over the past year, Americans bought 1.36 billion tickets with an average session cost of $ 7.94.

    One of the reasons for the increase in attendance is the increase in the number of new films. Last year, 655 films reached theaters: this is another absolute record in the history of Hollywood.

    Experts also call psychological reasons: for example, the release of several excellent films in a row encourages people to go to the cinema every weekend.

    There is one more factor - more effective virus campaigns on the Internet, including on social networks. For example, to promote the Hunger Games movie, publishers launched vigorous Facebook and Twitter activity, launched the YouTube channel, the Tumblr blog, released iPhone games and organized a live broadcast from the movie’s premiere on the Yahoo portal. The result - the third place in fees in the United States for the year.

    In general, last year’s statistics confirm that Hollywood studio revenues can grow even in the Internet age, despite the existence of a large number of alternative methods of content delivery and the popularity of torrents. Moreover, publishers can successfully use the Internet to raise fees, attract people to movie theaters, sell paraphernalia and additional digital goods.

    Some studies confirm that the so-called "piracy" does not affect cinema attendance at all . Although this trend has been noticeable in recent years (see graphs below), it may have other reasons: for example, an improvement in the average level of home appliances, an increase in the size of televisions, and the spread of “home theaters”.

    The NY Times graph shows the number of tickets sold over 15 years, and the box office statistics (right graph) are normalized to the percentage of inflation.

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