Rating of the best books of “Peter” for 2012: from UI to string theory

    In the last publication of our corporate blog in the last year of the year, we want to take stock and present a rating of the best professional books published by Peter in 2012.

    Over this year, our publishing house has published more than two hundred titles of books on computer and technical topics, and we want to list the most popular and sought-after ones.

    Introducing Peter Top 18: From UI and .NET to String Theory!

    1. Flexible development of web applications in the Rails environment. 4th edition
    S. Ruby, D. Thomas, D. Hansson


    Perhaps the most popular and authoritative book on Rails, published in the fourth edition (original title — Agile web development with Rails). Among the authors are Sam Ruby - the head of the Apache Software Foundation and the developer of the Atom format, Dave Thomas - the author of the famous book "Programming Ruby" and David Hansson - the creator of Rails technology.

    2. Readable code, or Programming as an art
    D. Boswell, T. Foucher


    Any programmer has ever seen a code that is so inaccurate and so full of errors that his head starts to hurt from reading it. Over the course of five years, the authors of this book have analyzed hundreds of examples of “bad” code (mostly their own), trying to determine what this or that code is bad and how it can be improved.

    3. CLR via C #. Programming with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 in C #. 3rd ed.
    Jeffrey Richter


    One of the most iconic books on the .NET platform, published in the third edition. Unfortunately, we received a number of complaints from readers regarding the translation of this book, but we dare to assure you that critical errors have been fixed in the new editions of the book. In addition, the 4th edition of this legendary book has just recently been released, work on the Russian edition has already begun, and we promise that translation will be given special and primary attention.

    4. We study programming in HTML5
    E. Freeman, E. Robson


    The latest book currently available from the famous series of the publishing house O'Relly, professional comics on programming - Head First. The book is about using HTML5 to create full-featured web applications.

    5-6. Books on programming from Big Nerd Ranch


    In 2012, we released two major books of the famous American educational IT project The Big Nerd Ranch, dedicated to programming on Objective-C and developing applications for iOS devices. Note that the book "Programming for iOS" was awarded the Jolt Productivity Award 2012 according to the famous Dr. Dobb's Journal.

    7. Web design. Developer's Guide
    J. Bird


    Translation of the Western bestseller, which is a simple and straightforward guide to modern web design. The book describes the entire process of creating designer masterpieces, from ideas to its implementation.

    8. Career programmer. How to get a job in Google, Microsoft or another leading IT company
    Gail Luckman MacDowell


    The book, which we already talked about in one of our first posts on Habré. We don’t know whether the habr effect helped or the quality and relevance of the book itself, but it spreads very well. Recall that the main and most valuable part of this book is almost 400 pages of real questions and test items that applicants receive at interviews at the most famous IT companies in the world.

    (By the way, a passing question - Gail has another book, The Google Resume , which touches not on technical, but general issues of employment and building a career in a large IT company - how much do you think its Russian edition will be in demand? in comments)

    9. PHP and MySQL. Comprehensive Guide
    B. McLaughlin


    A great tutorial from the O'Relly Missing Manual series. If you already have experience developing websites using CSS and JavaScript, with this book you will quickly learn how to create dynamic websites in PHP and MySQL.

    10. Professional development of sites on Drupal 7
    A guide from the official Drupal community


    One of our new products for December, which is perhaps the most comprehensive guide to CMS Drupal 7. There is everything from the initial deployment of the project to the development of its own modules. The book was prepared by a large (more than 30 authors!) Team of experts from the official Drupal community.

    11. Smart design: Simple techniques for developing user interfaces.
    Jeff Johnson.


    The book is devoted to the tasks of developing an “ideal” user interface, for which the author suggests using a range of knowledge from a wide variety of areas: from computer graphics theory to cognitive psychology and image recognition theory.

    12. Flexible management of IT projects. A Guide for Real Samurai
    Jonathan Rasmusson


    This book, dedicated to managing IT projects in accordance with the Agile methodology, cuts off all that is superfluous and does without theory. It is full of tried and tested methods, fictional stories, pleasant humor, and applied tutorial exercises to help you do the right thing in the best way.

    13. Learning how to work with jQuery
    R. Benedetti, R. Cranley


    Another new product this year from the Head First series of O'Reilly, devoted to the intricacies of working with the jQuery library. How to add interactivity to your website? How to develop modern RIA applications using jQuery? A lot of examples, fascinating assignments, beautiful illustrations and excellent humor - all in this book.

    14. Graphics in JavaScript by
    Raffaello Cecco


    This book describes how, using JavaScript, jQuery, DHTML, and the Canvas element, introduced in HTML5, to create rich web applications for PCs and mobile devices.

    15. Administration of VMware vSphere 5
    K. Kusek, V. Van Noi, A. Daniel


    A fairly compact, but self-sufficient administrator guide for working with the latest version of VMware vSphere 5. All vSphere products are described, detailed information is provided on how to work with each components.

    16. iOS. Application Development for iPhone, iPad and iPod
    Wandad Nahavandipur


    In one of the top-rated Western books on the topic of mobile development, more than 100 programming techniques are offered that allow you to quickly learn how to create step-by-step creation of full-featured applications for the iOS operating system

    17. Bulletproof web design. 3rd ed.
    Dan Sederholm


    We decided to reprint this book (the previous edition of which was rather poorly executed in the mid-2000s), as Sederholm’s previous book ( “CSS handmade” ) earned excellent reviews from both editors and readers. In this book, Cederholm offers its own concept of “bulletproof” Web design (Bulletproof Web Design), which provides a new promising approach to creating flexible and adaptable Internet projects.

    18. String Theory and Hidden Dimensions of the Universe
    Shintan Yau, Steve Nadis


    Our rating is unexpectedly closed by a wonderful non-fiction book published jointly with the Dynasty humanitarian foundation. The huge popularity of this rather difficult book for an unprepared reader was a big and pleasant surprise for us.
    String theory claims that we live in a ten-dimensional Universe, but only four of these dimensions are accessible to human perception, the remaining six dimensions are folded into an amazing structure, known as the Calabi-Yau manifold. The legendary Chinese mathematician Shintan Yau, one of the pioneers of these amazing spaces, claims that geometry is not only the basis of string theory, but also lies in the very nature of our universe. Reading this book, you and the authors will repeat the exciting path of scientific discovery: from a crazy idea to a complete theory.

    Well, at the end, the publishing house "Peter" congratulates all readers of Habra with the upcoming New Year and once again recalls his habr-gift - a free e-book "HTML5. Developer's Guide . Happy holiday!

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