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It is unlikely that one can now find an IT specialist who has not heard of the Git version control system and the popular GitHub hosting. Many actively use it both in production and for storing personal achievements and bicycles. Most recently, their blog published statistics for 2012.

Now on a typical day on GitHub, the following happens:
  • 10k new users are registered
  • 140 Gb of data is poured
  • 25k repositories and 7k pull requests are created
  • 10k users create their first repository

The number of users has increased sharply: now their number is estimated at 2.8 million, an increase in 2012 was 133%. Interestingly, the total number of repositories has increased even more: by 171% (up to 4.6 million).

Top 10 countries most actively visiting GitHub:

  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. Great Britain
  4. China
  5. Japan
  6. France
  7. India
  8. Canada
  9. Russia
  10. Brazil

Top 10 repositories that users marked by clicking on the asterisk:

  1. Font-Awesome - character font for Twitter Bootstrap
  2. textmate - text editor for Mac OS X
  3. meteor - javascript framework
  4. saasbook / hw3_rottenpotatoes - a platform for creating SaaS services based on Ruby on Rails
  5. select2 - JavaScript library for creating interactive web forms
  6. jkbr / httpie - analogue of curl utility
  7. ratchet - prototype mobile application for iPhone
  8. twitter / bower - Twitter-created package manager for web
  9. Kicksend / mailcheck - Javascript library for validating email input forms
  10. Prince-of-Persia-Apple-II - the original code of the game Prince of Persia

Top 10 projects by the number of developers:

  1. homebrew - package manager for Mac OS
  2. rails / rails - Ruby on Rails
  3. CyanogenMod / android_frameworks_base - alternative build of the Android platform
  4. CocoaPods / Specs - CocoaPods ( specifications
  5. Symfony - PHP framework
  6. Zend Framework - PHP Framework
  7. OpenStack - Open Source Cloud Platform
  8. saltstack / salt - centralized configuration management system (SCM)
  9. TrinityCore / TrinityCore - Open Source MMORPG Framework
  10. hubot-scripts - scripts for the hubot bot


GitHub's popularity as a source code management and storage system is growing. This can not but rejoice, because everyone who uses this system to store the source anyway shares his best practices, everyone can contribute to the development of any project.

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