Humble Indie Bundle 7

    The seventh Humble Indie Bundle was launched . This time, it includes six great indie games. And also, one incredible film about indie developers - Indie Game: The Movie !

    List of available games:

    List of available soundtracks:
    • Dungeon Defenders: OST (FLAC and MP3) *
    • Legend of Grimrock Soundtrack (FLAC and MP3) *
    • Snapshot Soundtrack (FLAC and MP3)
    • Closure: Original Soundtrack (FLAC and MP3) - winner of the Independent Games Festival
    • Indie Game: The Movie (Soundtrack) (FLAC and MP3)
    • Shank 2 Official Soundtrack (FLAC and MP3)

    * - for those who pay more than average

    All games are cross-platform and DRM-free. System requirements can be found here .

    Charity organizations such as the Child's Play Charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation are supported.

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