Computer on Elm Street

Is there life outside the computer?

I want to warn you right away, I wrote this text in front of the glowing monitor window, so an intelligent virus will do everything possible to make this text seem stupid to you or push it away. But you just think ...

Man and computer, is there life in real life?

A major problem is brewing in the world. More and more people are being drawn into electronic networks. More and more people spend most of their lives in front of a luminous monitor. This is a jail time. If your profession is connected with the computer, for example, you are a programmer or designer, then you are reborn. Without realizing it, you grow together with the machine. In a couple of dozen years, you will begin to understand that this is a technogenic leech on your living body. And I would like to get rid of it, but it does not work out. I want to talk about this.


One way or another, people nowadays seem closer. You always have a “messenger” at hand, where you can write a couple of lines to a close person who, maybe, is hundreds of kilometers from you. You can get to know and communicate with any person on Earth, regardless of status or nationality. At the same time, to be alone, without a family, without children in your lonely apartment or indoors with silent zombies who stare for days on end like you on the screen. This has already been said, this is not news.
Why did I say "I want to get rid"? Indeed, with properly organized interaction with the tool of labor (and the computer was always always a tool from the very beginning, like an ax or a club in a primitive man), everything should be fine. It must be, but what do we really have? Everyone knows which computer people are autistic. It is very difficult to communicate with them live. A computer man perceives a living person as an imperfection, he does not understand how it is arranged, and why it reacts to commands from his side differently from a car or a program. And it’s hard for them with people. And they prefer cars. I must say that autism is not only computer scientists, but also any people who spend most of their lives with dead matter: machine tools, machines, etc.

What's next

Let's see where everything is going. The number of computers and the share of virtual life will only increase. In the near future, an “autistic-computer technician” will look like an ordinary person. It is no secret that, as a living person, for example, a programmer experiences the same needs for emotions as any other. However, he does not receive them. A lack of emotions and feelings leads a person to mental disorders. In short, he has a "roof going".
We, those who were the first to take the blow of technocracy, who were the first to encounter the unexplored effects of computers and virtual life on a person, can judge the real situation. But things are bad.
Imagine that after a dozen years, people on the streets became fewer, the same cars. All sit in their cells and are connected by electronic threads. Is life contentment increasing from this? Not. Will the amount of joy and happiness in a person increase? Not. As long as we are a living organism, inscribed in nature and generated by nature, we cannot be happy without movement, real communication, trees, grass, rain, smells and sounds.
Of course, we are information gluttons. If we drew an analogy with ordinary food, and intellectual food, we would see that a computer man is such an information fat man who suffers from invisible excess weight. Try it, take his hamburger from him!

How to be

I suggest for starters to understand that the path of computerization of society is a dead end for the living. Maybe I’ll tell someone a secret, there is a war of intelligence (it is also called Satan) with living matter. And the computer, robots and other mechanisms, seemingly more advanced tools, are the very cancerous tumor that will devour itself, and the whole organism.
After we understand that this is so, we can tell those who are following us and are still happy about the new gadget or tablet, where everything is going. We can begin to reduce the share of “iron” in our lives. Do not think that it will be possible to easily get rid of this infection. She has already firmly entered our lives. Modern society does not imagine itself without the Internet, the octopus has enveloped and penetrated into all spheres of our life.
Now that we are gradually negating or greatly limiting the presence of dead intellectual matter in the life of everyone and society as a whole, we will come to the roots. To nature.
We will appreciate the emotions of people, the smell of hay or the moisture of the rain on our face. We will listen to the voice, its intonation, enjoy the colors of the sky. We, perhaps, will understand that only these things bring true happiness to a person. The feeling that he is alive. image
Finally, I recommend that you very carefully review such films as: Avatar, Terminator2, Lawn Mower, and then click “Shut Down” and think about how to continue to live without a computer.

Good luck!

We broke the net,
In a space rocket
Tearing the sky with an
Iron head.
In the wake of our children
"Sticky" on the Internet.
Shrouded in cobwebs,
Spin the globe of the Earth.

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