Chasing about airplanes and rules

    I was going to write a comment, but a whole post grew imperceptibly.

    I do not agree with half the points of this topic , but these are my personal troubles.
    In addition, the most important thing is missing - "Avoid checking in at any cost." I have long and long ago used exclusively a backpack and "unloading" on all trips. There is only one reason - among my friends, probably already half have become victims of baggage non-delivery. Some - even twice.

    Let me show you an example that I use:
    First, a backpack
    It should be a practical, comfortable backpack with a volume of about 30 liters. I prefer the configuration "one large department and three or four side pockets for small things." Go to the store for a backpack, take with you the weight and about the set of junk that you will carry in it. Carefully choose a backpack so that it is at your time on the back and shoulders. Load it and walk around the store for 10-15 minutes. No discomfort should appear. Otherwise, you will later curse yourself for this purchase. If you have something to present for you "use unpaid goods," please send these m cranks on yuh and go in the following store. Remember, the right backpack is your healthy back.

    Secondly, a vest with pockets.
    The whole scattering of electronic gadgets and metal objects such as keys, coins, grenades and pistols is shoved into it . Why a vest? Because during the inspection it is easier to remove the entire vest and send it along the tape to the "light", than unload a minute or two in a box in front of the frame, and then load it back.
    UPD: They reminded about the excellent company - excellent traveler outfit.

    Third, cargo pants.
    In them, too, a lot of things can be scattered. Especially if the pockets are conveniently made.
    I recommend putting only paper and essentials in my pants, such as documents, cards, a wallet, scarves and spare socks. Moreover, in such a way as to unload in 10 seconds. Because the framework requires completely empty pockets. They tried to detain me once, when I didn’t get my toothbrush out of my side pocket.

    Special bags.
    It happens that a backpack is not enough. Then save the waist bags fastened to the leg. These are:
    Like a vest, it is thrown off on a tape, then quickly put on back. No hemorrhoids with discharge.

    In total, you can poke around 5-6 kilograms of non-tariffable weight on your own pockets. Very useful given the tendency to reduce baggage allowance in ticket prices. For low-cost fires, where there is no free luggage at all, the trick with pockets becomes extremely useful for a wallet.

    Different tricks.
    In principle, even folding items such as multitools can be carried in a backpack. I drove several times, wrapping them to the laptop BP with wires. On the scanner, it looks like a lump of electronic junk with something parallelepiped in the center. As a rule, do not dig. However, you must be prepared for the fact that sooner or later sentinels will take this gadget from you because of the presence of cutting parts in it. Personally, I was taken from him by Kazakhs, whose lumen broke and they searched the luggage with handles.

    If you fly long and with long connections:
    Buy two or three of the cheapest toothbrushes and “charge” them with toothpaste, pushing it into the bristles. You can brush your teeth anywhere, anytime, anywhere. As an alternative, you can take one brush and a “probe” of toothpaste. But it is hard to find. 5 “charged” brushes weigh less than one standard tube of paste.

    Take a pair of Sneakers. They are not banned anywhere. They will help to survive horse prices at the airport.

    Stock up on personalized soap towels. Pieces 20 - approx. They are not visible on scanners, therefore they do not get to the bottom of them. They allow themselves to be kept in relative order.

    Fly to a country whose language you don’t know or know very poorly? Google images for all occasions and make them a notepad. You can explain to people what you need in two seconds with pictures. Extremely useful thing.

    Useful things if you fly to wild places.
    Bracelet (survival bracelet) - 4 meters high strength cord.

    Belt (Survival belt) - 30+ meters of the same cord. things work out in the evening. Full YouTube instructions. Utility in an extreme situation is endless.

    Magnesium flint is a very useful thing to make fire in wild places. They did not take away from me and did not ask about him.

    What never to do.
    Never carry an umbrella with you. Forget it. In the best case, they’ll just take it away. At worst, they will open your skull with a rusty nail and scoop out the brain with a teaspoon (hello, El Al). A raincoat costs a dollar and weighs 30 grams. It is better to take five raincoats with you if you need to protect yourself from the rain.

    Never carry ropes in coils with you. I don’t know why, but they’re digging it out. Unless you are a climber. But they have everything flies in baggage, as a rule. If you suspect a need for ropes, make yourself pieces from a spoiler about wild places.

    Do not take with you what you can buy on the spot and is inexpensive. Underpants, socks, soap-rylnoe, lighters and other rubbish. This is all the excess mass that you do not need to be inspected. No liquids, no food.

    Medicines should be exclusively in their original packaging with instructions for use. No syringes (exceptions can be made only for emergency injectors for allergy sufferers, but get ready for a long and tedious explanation of what it is and why it does not explode). Take the pill cassette with you, but empty. Bandages = ropes = problems. Do not take bandages.

    No glass. At all. Even if it is a gift to the local leader. Even if it is a gift from the local leader. Especially if it is a gift from the leader. On the road, this will certainly be a national treasure, and the Congolese prison is the last place on the planet where you would like to live, you have no doubt.

    No food and, generally, never any vegetation. No seeds. At best, you will deal with environmentalists. At worst, with local STC. Zadornov’s bike about a bath broom is “flowers”.

    If you go to Africa - do not take any tobacco, even if you are a smoker three packs a day. Because at the exit from the airport you will definitely be asked to smoke and you will give a cigarette out of habit. That’s it, hello - you’ve been stuck for at least five hundred bucks. Because in three minutes you will be arrested and a grateful negro will poke a finger at you and say that you just gave him a cigarette charged by a selected Afghan woman and show “this same cigarette” of the same brand that you have. Even if it was Belomor.

    And finally, I want to separately recall that the search is very biased towards any elongated (and flattened) objects on the body. Throw away the tubes, sticks, nail files, ropes into a backpack, poke tight wires around the wires to make it look like horseradish, but it’s safe.

    Yes, you may look like the great Anatoly in such equipment, but it will be convenient for you, and this is the main thing. You don't give a damn what eccentrics in hawks and suitcases the size of a Gazelle think about you, right? After all, it is you who will not spend a second after passport control upon arrival at the airport, and immediately go about your business.

    Postscript: why is it worth staying at the airport?
    You go to the information desk, where there may be the only person who speaks a language familiar to you that surrounds one thousand kilometers, and you find out the following things:
    1. Where and how to call in case of robbery, fire, appendicitis.
    2. Where is your consulate, addresses and phone numbers.
    3. The basic rules of conduct in the country, if you have not yet read them.
    4. Map of the destination city and the country as a whole, if you go further (where to buy).
    5. Mark points 1 and 2 on the map.
    6. Where to get a normal taxi (does not apply to Africa, except South Africa).

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