Google launches the "Knowledge Graph" for Russian-speaking users

    Today in the Russian-language blog of Google, there is news that support for several more languages ​​is added to the recent Knowledge Graph innovation , namely Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. The company representative said that within a few weeks the functionality will be available to everyone and the issue will change.
    The graph helps when searching for information queries, such as events, people, animals, the world, science, etc. The search will prompt the user to refine the query, as a result of which the information as a result of the search will change. This is another step towards the “smart search”, which Google is trying to implement using this service.
    Because people from almost all over the world come into the search engine, the number of concepts that the knowledge graph contains and recognizes was increased to 570 million, and the number of various facts and connections exceeded 18 billion.
    The project has already been discussed earlier and I will not describe it in detail. I will give only a few examples of search results using the knowledge graph:

    - when asked, for example, "Peter I" on the right side you will see important information about this historical person. Important dates, a brief biography (with reference to wikipedia), information about relatives, as well as communication with other events and phenomena in history.

    - at the request "Venice" in the right corner will be displayed information about the area in which the city is located, a brief historical background, local time, climate, as well as attractions that we are invited to visit. As stated above when going to a point of interest, it will open its own extended page if information about it is available in the database.

    Functionality is now available to a small number of users, but as described above, will soon be available to all Russian-speaking users.

    A more complete description of the Knowledge Graph can be found on its official page .

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