The second version of Gmail for iOS has been released, now with support for several accounts

    The good news for Gmail users on iOS devices is that Google has just released a global update to its Gmail app for iOS.

    The new version of the application has a completely redesigned interface and many improvements, such as pictures in messages, animations and endless scrolling in the message list. You can also notice improvements in the autoclite and integration with Google Calendar and Google+.

    Finally, the company added support for several accounts - now, as in the Android application, you can add up to five Google accounts and switch between them in a couple of touches.

    ITunes Link:

    UPD:Judging by the twitter and comments, when you try to install the update, a message appears like “The item you tried to buy is no longer available”. However, the habrauser of Professore shared the recipe that worked: you need to find it by searching among Google applications and there, click Update .

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