Demonstration of the regional component of the EHISS from KIR / RTK

    Today, a “ministerial” meeting was held in Irkutsk, where the heads of healthcare institutions were shown the regional component of the EHISE ( what is this? ) - the medical information system from Corporate Information Routines LLC (contracted from Rostelecom). According to the Irkutsk Oblast healthcare modernization program for 2011-2012 (there are similar programs in every region), the implementation should be completed in December this year.

    The deadlines are very tough, and the opinions regarding the hasty transition from the “inherited IIAs” expressed by the direct executors are not softer. But what we saw at the demonstration of opportunities made us look at this work more positively. In many respects, we do not change the "flea", we acquire, along with the new platform, new opportunities that we could not have dreamed about yesterday.

    1. EMC + IEMC module (electronic medical record)

    2. Module “Central Archive of Medical Images (CAMI)”

    3. Module "Registry - Patient Portal"

    4. The module "Registry - the portal of public services"

    5. Module “Registry - pre-recording management”

    6. Module "Nosological registries"

    7. An example of creating an invoice for services

    8. Unified collection of reports

    9. Analytics module

    A total of 9 videos are presented, made not on the test version, but on the already completed implementation in the Trans-Baikal Territory. Before the videos, an introductory presentation was given on the structure of the IIA, I also attach it to the post

    What remained beyond the scope of the video demonstrations, but was voiced by representatives of the KIA, RTK and our medical information and analytical center:

    1. The solution is almost entirely “in the cloud”. Institutional servers act as a gateway to the medical VPN for doctors workstations. MIS services allow you to save the doctor from any workflow outside the MIS, all work is done in the browser (Firefox recommend), so you can use Linux on servers and workstations . In particular, AltLinux 6.0. A centaur preinstalled on PCs and servers supplied to us under the healthcare modernization program
    2. So far, only 1 VPN channel has been established in the institution . But they remember that at least 1 backup channel of RTK and MIAC is needed, and within six months they promise to build such channels
    3. Some time will have to work immediately in 2 MIS- “old” and “new”, and duplicate all transactions until the institution is able to switch to the new IIA entirely. Sadly, but in a different way.
    4. From January 1, 2013, a fine of 30,000 rubles is prescribed for refusing to provide services to a patient , in particular for refusing to make an appointment with the therapist or pediatrician via informat or the Internet . Proof in the search process.

    In more detail on the topic of implementation, you can find a library of documents on the implementation of the EHISS , on the actual situation with the local implementation of the IT in medicine community in the VK group , and of course in the comments to the topic.

    PS: there is no “IT in medicine” hub or similar profile. Mb should I ask to open such a UFO hub?

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