Setting the prefix for the MINDEO CS2190 scanner to work with 1C in keyboard break mode

Instructions for installing a prefix for the MINDEO CS2190 scanner for working with 1C Enterprise in keyboard-break mode.

Consider setting up the MINDEO CS2190 scanner with a USB cable to work with 1C Enterprise in the mode of breaking the keyboard or simulating a keyboard.

The scanner itself easily connects to a computer on any USB port, and Windows quickly and easily installs the necessary drivers. After that, the scanner is ready to work, and it can be checked by scanning in a notebook. But for the scanner to work with 1C, which is still remotely on the terminal, you will have to slightly change the scanner settings.

The MINDEO CS2190 scanner can imitate the connection to the next. variations:

  • In HID keyboard mode
  • USB virtual COM (virtual COM port)


1. To enable the keyboard mode, you need to scan the trace. barcode:

2. Next, you need to enable imitation of the character input delay, because the barcode input window quickly closed when the scanner transmitted data. For connection from 1C to RDP, 40 ms was enough for me. We scan this value with the scanner:

Note: alternative way to call the delay: repeatedly press the F7 key

3. To call the barcode input window in 1C, you must send the F7 key symbol as a barcode prefix. Add this prefix. Scan sequentially from top to bottom:

Next, scan the closing operation:

4. After entering the barcode, the scanner automatically simulates pressing Enter, so you do not need to add a suffix to the barcode. But just in case, I will describe how to do it with this scanner:

scan the first column one after another, then the second

full table of ASC character codes, if you need to call any other key or symbol:

5. Done.

After the manipulations, the scanner will first press the F7 button, then fill in the scanned barcode and press Enter.

Having such an input algorithm, you can easily write corresponding handlers in 1C to create a new nomenclature with a barcode not found and implement document auto-completion in 1C.

Full scanner documentation is available off. manufacturer's site.

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