Overview of SolidCraft CNC Milling Machines

    Hello! With you Top 3D Shop and today we will tell about milling machines with CNC series SolidCraft. Since the machines differ mainly in the size of the work area, we will examine them in more detail using the example of SolidCraft CNC-6090 .
    SolidCraft machines in different price categories, prices start at 69,000 rubles.

    An inaccuracy was admitted in the video: the machine is regularly equipped with a spindle not for 800 watts, but for 1500. In addition, this is not the largest machine in the line, but only the most popular, the largest SolidCraft is the CNC-1325 model , we will describe it below.

    About the device

    SolidCraft CNC-6090 CNC milling machine is a relatively compact open type machine that can be equally conveniently placed both in the furniture workshop and in a small home workshop.

    The assortment of Top 3D Shop several machines line SolidCraft.

    Machine tools

    SolidCraft CNC-6090

    • Model: SolidCraft CNC-6090
    • Size of the working field, mm: 615x905x90
    • Gross weight, kg: 131 kg
    • Dimensions with packaging, mm: 1450x1050x780
    • Dimensions without packaging, mm: 1310x980x580
    • Net weight, kg: 83
    • Spindle speed, rpm: 24000
    • Maximum speed of passage, mm / min: 4000
    • Maximum processing speed, mm / min: 2000
    • Spindle power, W: 1500
    • Spindle Cooling: Fluid
    • Repeatability, mm: 0.05
    • File Format: HPGL, G-code
    • Power supply: AC110V / 220V ± 10% / 50 ~ 60Hz
    • Interfaces: LPT
    • Software: NC Studio
    • Price: 269 ​​900 rub.

    SolidCraft CNC-3040 and SolidCraft CNC-4060

    Models differ in smaller sizes of the working field and spindle.
    SolidCraft CNC-3040 - 385x315x55 mm, 800 W: 149 900 rub.
    SolidCraft CNC-4060 - 385x580x55 mm, 800 W: 179 900 rub.
    SolidCraft CNC-4060 Z13 features a work area zoomed in to 130 mm.
    SolidCraft CNC-4060 Z13 - 385x580x130 mm, 800 W: 199 900 rub.

    SolidCraft CNC-1325

    The flagship of SolidCraft is the machine with the largest working area in the line and a spindle with a capacity of 3000 watts. Optionally available 4.5 kW spindle.

    SolidCraft CNC-1325 - 1300 x 2500 x 200 mm, 3000 W: 699,000 rub.

    Contents of delivery


    PCI card (for NСStudio).

    Power supply and control.

    A set of collets, cutters and engravers, the number and type of which depend on the delivery.

    As well as a set of cables for connection and fasteners for assembly.


    The machines are suitable for working with different types of wood, furniture panels of different composition, composites, a wide range of plastics, including rigid polycarbonates and acrylics, and with some metals, such as aluminum, brass and copper.


    The machine is suitable for advertising and furniture production, will be a good assistant to the masters of joinery, interior designers, cabinetmakers and everyone who works with plastics and wood. Perhaps the use of education.

    It will be useful to sculptors working with digital models, to create master models for casting bas-relief images and artistic woodwork.


    Viktor Naumov, senior engineer of Top 3D Shop services in Moscow, talks about working on the machine.

    We have a blank of six millimeter acrylic.

    The workpiece must be well fixed, we fasten it with four screws.

    We load the control program and view the visualization. The next step is to beat off the zero on the Z axis and start milling.

    Due to the water cooling of the spindle and the high speed of rotation of the cutter, the machine is suitable for the implementation of complex many hours of projects.

    The design uses a ball screw, which allows for good accuracy.

    You can prepare a model for work in any specialized software, for example, in the ArtCam program.

    NCStudio is used as a control program.

    The program works stably in the operating systems Windows XP and Windows 7, and to place a PCI card you will need a system unit with free space on the motherboard, take this into account when purchasing a machine.

    It took us about three hours to mill a part.

    The test model showed that the machine is great for making simple shapes, as well as for more complex chamfers and rounds.


    Optional accessories for SolidCraft machines include accessories such as a closed case, a swivel axis (a device for circular machining of parts, such as cylindrical parts), a chip extractor, a DSP controller, sets of cutters and spindles with different capacities.


    The ease of connection and operation of SolidCraft machines allows people without special qualifications to use the machine after a small briefing on handling and safety.

    Milling machines of the SolidCraft series are qualitatively assembled and have excellent accuracy and speed of work for their price category. We can recommend these machines to owners of small industries and home workshops, artists and advertising shops.

    If you have any questions about SolidCraft machines, please contact us at sales@top3dshop.ru or call 8 (499) 322-23-19 during working hours, we will be happy to advise you and help you choose the equipment for your goals and objectives.

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