Video review of the gaming laptop MSI GT70

    MSI GT70 0Ne is the top-end modification from the gaming line of MSI G laptops, equipped with a 17.3-inch matte FullHD display, a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, an Nvidia GTX680M graphics card, 16 Gb of RAM and a fast disk subsystem that includes two solid-state drives in RAID0 and a hard one a disk with a rotation speed of 7200 rpm.

    In addition, the laptop is equipped with a keyboard from SteelSeries. The keyboard backlight can be controlled by choosing from 29 colors and five scenarios (they are responsible for when and which part of the keyboard is lit in a certain color). Also worth noting is the speaker system from Dynaudio, with a loud and rich sound that, among other things, allows you to connect your home Cinema directly to the laptop.

    The laptop uses proprietary technology from MSI - Turbo Drive Engine (TDE), which allows you to “overclock” the laptop’s graphics card with one button. The effect is not very significant, but there is little benefit from it.

    The disadvantages of this laptop include the traditional features of all gaming machines - large dimensions, heavy weight and extremely immodest price tag.

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